Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ha Soo Bin Studio Album Discography

Here's another blast from the past that I hope some of you will enjoy! 

Ha Soo Bin started her short career in her late teens during the early 90's, producing some great tunes. With her child-like voice and innocent demeanor, she quickly gained many admirers but after releasing her second album she left the music business to pursue other interests. She dabbled in acting, released books of poetry and explored other assorted avenues of art before breaking a 16 year hiatus to release her most recent album in 2010.

While I prefer the music her counterpart of sorts, Kang Suji, Ha Soo Bin certainly has a unique aura to her music that I really enjoy. Her coy composure comes through in her voice and you truly feel her "innocence" so to speak. She sort of reminds me of a "shy" Eri Nitta (if that makes any sense lol). 

Her music is typical fair for the time, but the two mesh together very well and each of her albums has a great assortment of pop arrangements. "노노노노노" was the first song I heard of hers a few years ago and I think it perfectly demonstrates who she is as an artist during her early career.

I really hope you check these out if you're looking for a nostalgic trip to a time when music artist were "more subdued" haha. They're great listens and I hope everyone enjoys!  Thanks to the now defunct Kpopspy for these albums! 

Lisa in Love (1992)

1. 더이상 내게 아픔을 남기지 마
2. 노노노노노
3. 너는 나의 사랑의 이름
4. 햇살과 같은 그대의 미소
5. I'm Falling in Love
6. 잊혀져 가는 건
7. 아름다운 너
8. 사랑의 왈츠

The Heart of... (1993)

1. 그대 나를 떠나가나요
2. 그대 눈에 젖은 나
3. 날 잊어야해
4. 마지막 소녀기 (별. 소녀)
5. 나
6. 처음 사랑이야기
7. 날 대신하기에 충분한 그대
8. 그대 나를 떠나가나요(Remix)

The Persistence Of Memory (2010)

1. Island (내 그리운 나라)
2. Memories
3. A Lovely Day
4. 아이리스 정원
5. 노르웨이 숲
6. 파리엔 비가 와요
7. La Stella
8. 카사블랑카
9. Lake Louise
10. 고백
11. 사랑한 후에
12. 여름 방학
13. The Winner
14. Sky Walker (Dedicated To My Fans)
15. Happy Birthday
16. Oia

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hiroko Yakushimaru: PRIMAVERA

I'm pretty positive this isn't anywhere else online and I was super excited to come across it on ebay! Most of her catalog is really expensive and when I found this for $3 I had to get it! 

PRIMAVERA is Hiroko Yakushimaru's second to last full length and it would be about 7 years until she released her final studio album 恋文. The album has a great early 90's feel mixed with upbeat pop tracks and Hiroko's signature powerful ballads. While there isn't particularly a stand out track in my opinion compared to her earlier works, it's a fantastic listen and Hiroko's voice still remains one of the most unique in the history of J-pop. 

Two of my favorite tracks ふたりの宇宙 and DESTINY were composed by the one and only Ryuichi Sakamoto. 星の王子さま was composed by Akiko Yano and any fan can assuredly hear her signature sound. I highly recommend everyone check this out! Enjoy!


2. 心の片隅で
4. 冬の青空
5. もう泣かないで
6. ふたりの宇宙
7. 星の王子さま (MATTINA MIX)
8. 私の町は今、朝
10. 風に乗って (PRIMAVERA MIX)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

OFF COURSE - i(ai)

I hate that I don't have time to write an in depth bio for the band but I wanted to post this because it's great and a fantastic introduction to the band's catalog. 

Off Course is a fantastic soft rock/folk rock band from Japan who grew to be very popular during the 70's/80's. While they were knocked a bit for being too sentimental and singer Kazumasa Oda's higher vocal register, their talent for songwriting is undeniable. The singles I posted below are a little more up tempo then most of their songs, but if you enjoy the sounds of 60's baroque pop and 70's soft rock, you'll have a great time listening to this band. I was very excited to come across this and I hope you enjoy it too!

Special thanks to the anonymous JPDDL uploader!

i(ai) (2006)

Disc 1

1. 愛を止めないで
2. Yes-No
3. 言葉にできない
4. 秋の気配
5. さよなら
6. めぐる季節
7. 水曜日の午後
8. 僕の贈りもの
9. 別れの情景(2)-もう歌は作れない
10. 愛の唄
11. 眠れぬ夜
12. 夏の終り
13. 風に吹かれて
14. 思いのままに
15. 私の願い
16. 心はなれて

Disc 2

1. 僕等の時代
3. 時に愛は
4. 愛の中へ
5. 哀しいくらい
6. せつなくて
7. 一億の夜を越えて
8. いくつもの星の下で
9. Christmas Day
11. 君が、嘘を、ついた
12. 夏の日
13. 緑の日々
14. 君の倖せを祈れない
15. 君住む街へ
16. 生まれ来る子供たちのために

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Akiko Yano: 峠のわが家 & ホントのきもち

These two gems come from a new friend to the site, Lynx. He has graciously provided me the links to these albums and allowed me to upload them to my site! I've been looking for these two for a while and now I'm two albums closer to completing Ms. Yano's discography.


He also dabbles in music sharing as well through his youtube account which can be found here~

It features some fantastic albums from various J-artists, most of which is brand new to me!

Check it out, I promise you won't regret it!

I've been able to interact with so many people around the world thanks to this blog and I am very happy that this community is filled with kind; generous individuals who can come together through the love of music! Enjoy!

峠のわが家 (1986)

1. The Girl of Integrity
2. David
3. ちいさい秋みつけた
4. 一分間
5. おてちょ。(Drop me a Line)
6. 海と少年 ***
7. 夏の終り
8. そこのアイロンに告ぐ ***
9. Home Sweet Home

ホントのきもち (2004)

1. 行かないで
2. N.Y.C.
3. まっ赤なビー玉
4. House of Desire (Burnin' Down)
5. おいてくよ
6. Night Train Home (acoustic version)
7. Too Good To be True
8. Our Lives
9. Nobuko
10. Night Train Home

Monday, February 3, 2014

Akiko Yano: オーエス オーエス & あそこのアッコちゃん

Here's two more from the sublime Akiko Yano. Thanks to an anonymous uploader, I was able to add these to my collection and now you can too! The album and tracks have been retagged in Japanese. 

オーエス オーエス is Yano's 7th album and it's fantastic. The album was recorded shortly after the first break-up of Yellow Magic Orchestra and with Yano having collaborated with the group numerous time and marrying member Ryuichi Sakamoto two years prior, you can definitely hear the members continued influence in this album. However, オーエス オーエス is more of an amalgamation of all the sounds and genres Yano had experimented with previously but put into a tighter and more cohesive package. This is a sound she would carry throughout the rest of the 80's and into the early 90's. 

あそこのアッコちゃん is a nice compilation filled with material from Yano's first three albums, live selections and a few b-sides. It's definitely worth a listen for those new to Yano or for you completionists out there. I'm still looking for 1986's 峠のわが家, 2000's Home Girl Journey and 2004's ホントのきもち, so if anyone has access to these it'd be greatly appreciated!

オーエス オーエス (1984)

1. おもちゃのチャチャチャ

3. きょうのわたくし
6. ラーメンたべたい
7. 素顔
8. 終わりの季節

あそこのアッコちゃん (1989)

1. 丘を越えて
2. ふなまち唄パート1
3. アメフリ
4. 相合傘
5. 昨日はもう
6. やませ(東風) 
7. こどもたち
8. ヨ・ロ・コ・ビ
9. Waterways Flow Backwards Again
10. 気球にのって
11.  行け柳田
12. ハロー・ゼア