Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Masami Tsuchiya: Time Passenger, Mod'Fish & 森の人~Forest People

Woke up this morning with tonsillitis, so no work today but I'm missing the school field trip. At least I have a day to rest up a bit. So here are the remainder of Masami Tsuchiya's works. Time Passenger, his last solo effort of the 80's, has a distinct middle eastern theme with the album including quite a bit more experimental instrumentation then his previous efforts. However it still holds a familiar "Masami" sound and compliments his career up till that point. Shortly afterwards, he moved to London and it would be nearly a decade before he would release the Mod'Fish EP. With the exception of two tracks, Mod'Fish travels into bold new territories for Masami with a "electronic avant-pop" sound. This is not surprising, as many of his peers had already explored this territory earlier in the decade. I feel though, Mod'Fish utilizes the distinct 90's drum&bass samples heard in much of the "trip-hop/experimental electronica" giving it kind of like a "Masami meets Massive Attack" feel. Masami then moved further down the road of electronic experimentation with the "environmental/fantasy themed" 森の人~Forest People. In some ways I think its the most experimental album in his entire catalog and what started on Mod'Fish really finds its home on this album. He even get some help from friends, Mick Karn and Atsushi Sakurai! Sadly, he has not released any more solo material since this point. However as of 2008, he has been a member of the group "VITAMIN-Q featuring ANZA" but I hope that someday soon we will get at least one more Masami album. Enjoy!

3. 太陽とラムセス
4. 水鏡
5. ラヴ・ラヴ・ラヴ
7. 詩人達の血

1. Sea Monstar
2. Frank
3. Mod' Fish
4. Welcome
5. Alexis

Mick Karn on bass

1. 森のプレリュード
2. 真夏の夜の森
3. 森の天使
4. 雨の森の人
5. ガラスの森
6. 南の森の出来事
7. ボジョレー氏の森
8. 黒い森
9. 森になる日
10. 小さな森の人
11. ローズマリーの森
12. 森の妖精のメッセージ

Atsushi Sakurai on vocals

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Miharu Koshi: TUTU, Parallelisme, Boy Soprano & Echo De Miharu

Sorry for the long depature. Per request, here is Miharu Koshi's TUTU and 3 more albums. All great albums and all thanks to "The Vault" (the memory lives). I hope to start posting some more soon, sooooo tired! Enjoy!

TUTU (1983)

1. L'Amour Toujours
2. Laetitia
3. Scandal Night
4. L'amour ou ironie noire
5. Sugar Me
6. Pussy Cat
7. Keep on Dancing
8. 日よは行かない
9. Petit Paradis
Extra from We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Belle Tristesse 妙なる悲しみ

1. 龍宮城の恋人
2. Capricious Salad
3. Image
4. サン・タマンの森で
5. メフィストフェレスを探せ!
6. 逃亡者
7. Parallelisme
8. Decadence 120
9. 薔薇の夜会~あるいは甘い蜜の戒め
1. アニマロイド・MVII
2. 逆さ賢人・イーガス

1. 野ばら
2. 夕べの祈り
3. Ave Maria
4. Marie-Ange
5. Mademoiselle Juju
6. カトレアの夜
7. 走れウサギ
8. Lip Shutz

1. La canción de marcelino
2. Satyricon
3. Beyond the blue horizon
4. It's raining sunbeams
5. La traviati brindisi
6. Save the last dance
7. Doggie in the window
8. Diga diga do
9. L'acqua sonora
10. Alleluja
11. One more hour

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Masami Tsuchiya: Horizon

Posting will probably continue to be a little erratic over the next few weeks. I haven't even begun my english camp materials, oh lord lol. This is yet another fantastic album. I think its the perfect culmination of all of his efforts up to this point in his career. Enjoy!

1. 仮面の夜
2. Forbidden Flowers
3. Horizon
4. 風と砂と水と
5. ハチドリの夢
6. Silhouette
7. 冬のバラ
8. Bird's Eye
9. Too Many Tears
10. Diamond