Sunday, December 30, 2012

Posts coming in 2013

Happy holidays to all! I'd like to apologize for my abscene over that last two months. It's been hectic and unfortunately posting has had to take a back seat. To add, I havent had a steady internet connection in that time frame as well. However, there will be plenty coming soon and a lot of new goodies as well! Look out for requests and albums from:
Keizo Nakanishi (5 albums)
Kohmi Hirose
Megumi Hayashibara
Sing Like Talking
Yasushi Nakanishi
Yumi Tanimura

plus many more!

I will also look into the issue of links not working. As far as I know, all the links are working. None of my files have been deleted and I've gone onto my site with other ip address and the links work as well. However, I will try my best to figure out the issue. THANK YOU again to everyone and have a great new year!