Sunday, July 15, 2012

Miharu Koshi: TUTU, Parallelisme, Boy Soprano & Echo De Miharu

Sorry for the long depature. Per request, here is Miharu Koshi's TUTU and 3 more albums. All great albums and all thanks to "The Vault" (the memory lives). I hope to start posting some more soon, sooooo tired! Enjoy!

TUTU (1983)

1. L'Amour Toujours
2. Laetitia
3. Scandal Night
4. L'amour ou ironie noire
5. Sugar Me
6. Pussy Cat
7. Keep on Dancing
8. 日よは行かない
9. Petit Paradis
Extra from We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Belle Tristesse 妙なる悲しみ

1. 龍宮城の恋人
2. Capricious Salad
3. Image
4. サン・タマンの森で
5. メフィストフェレスを探せ!
6. 逃亡者
7. Parallelisme
8. Decadence 120
9. 薔薇の夜会~あるいは甘い蜜の戒め
1. アニマロイド・MVII
2. 逆さ賢人・イーガス

1. 野ばら
2. 夕べの祈り
3. Ave Maria
4. Marie-Ange
5. Mademoiselle Juju
6. カトレアの夜
7. 走れウサギ
8. Lip Shutz

1. La canción de marcelino
2. Satyricon
3. Beyond the blue horizon
4. It's raining sunbeams
5. La traviati brindisi
6. Save the last dance
7. Doggie in the window
8. Diga diga do
9. L'acqua sonora
10. Alleluja
11. One more hour


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Zach, thank for the uploads. i am wondering if you are up to re - loading some of Nakamori Akina's work. If so, I have a couple of requests. thank you

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Thanks for the comment corwyn! I have a stash of best of's from her that I was planning on posting instead of the entire discog again...but most definitely if you are interested in get something, I'd be more that happy to post it

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Just getting into Miharu Koshi. Thank you for the music :)

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Truly awesome. Thank you. This has made my heart burn with intense magic. These songs give me great internal visuals.

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would it be possible to reupload Tutu

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... forgot to say thanks for the other albums, absolutely brilliant music

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Thank you SO much!!
She's such a great singer!

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Incredible, thank you.

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Thank you. I had my fingers crossed that the link for Parallelisme was still up.

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I am pleasantly surprised these links are still active after 4 years, thanks so much

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Thank U! Love from Chile!