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25 Years of Hong Kong Movie Themes Songs Collection + Extras & Hard-Boiled OST+Various John Woo Movie Scores [Link Updates]

I've been meaning to post these for a while but got pushed when I saw fen's A Better Tomorrow post. I found the 25HK compilation off a torrent and it has a lot of great tracks and some all time classics. However, I also complied some songs I had from various Hong Kong films. They vary in quality and I ripped and edit some but you can't find most easily. Also posted is the soundtrack to John Woo's classic Hard-Boiled. Awesome music from American composer Michael Gibb highlighted the atmosphere of the heroic bloodshed film, a genre that John Woo defined. Thanks to a youtube user SleazySanjuro, I also included score rips from both of Woo's The Killer and Bullet in the Head. Since neither saw a soundtrack release, the quality isn't the greatest but I am just happy to listen to them. There is a little for everybody and I hope everyone enjoys it! However, since megaupload is reworking their rewards system, I can't tell if anybody is downloading anyway!

25 Years of Hong Kong Movie Theme Songs Collection

Disc 1
長空 - Beyond (from Infernal Affairs II)
被遺忘的時光(國) - Tsai Chin (from Infernal Affairs)
相愛很難 - Jacky Cheung & Anita Mui (from July Rhapsody)
- Leslie Cheung (from He's a Woman, She's a Man)
問我 - Sammi Cheng (from Feel 100% ... Once More)
自作自受 - Hacken Lee (from Infernal Affaris III)
薰衣草 - Kelly Chen (from Lavender)
友情歲月 - Ekin Cheng (from Young and Dangerous)
男兒當自強 - George Lam (from Once Upon a Time in China)
猛龍特警隊 - Ronald Cheng (from Dragon Loaded)
我和春天有個約會 - Alice Lau (from I Have a Date in Spring)
忘了忘不了 - Cecilia Cheung (from Lost in Time)
暗湧 - Anthony Wong (from Hold You Tight)
甜蜜蜜(國) - Leon Lai (from Comrades, Almost a Love Story)
與龍共舞 - Cally Kwong (from Dances With the Dragon)
司機 - Shawn Yue (from Next Station...Tin Hau)

Disc 2
喝采 - Danny Chan (from Encore)
倩女幽魂 - Leslie Cheung (from A Chinese Ghost Story)
飛砂風中轉 - Chow Yun-Fat (from The Inside Story)
阿郎戀曲 - Sam Hui (from All About Ah-Long)
停不了的愛 - Jian Xin Peng & Anna Lei (from Lonely Fifteen)
黎明不要來 - Sally Yeh (from A Chinese Ghost Story)
天若有情 - Yuen Feng Ying (from A Moment of Romance)
幻影 - Alan Tam (from Esprit D'Amour)
一段情 - Kenny Bee & Jian Xin Ping (from Let's Make Laugh II)
滄海一聲笑 - Sam Hui (from Swordsman)
夜來香 - George Lam (from All the Wrong Clues)
大丈夫日記 - Chow Yun-Fat, Sally Yeh & Joey Wong (from Diary of a Big Man)
愛的逃兵 - Alan Tam (from Love Solider of Fortune)
晚風- Sally Yeh (from Shanghai Blues)
海上花(國) - Ni Zhen (from Immortal Story)
跟佢做個Friend - Sam Hui (from Aces Go Places II)

英雄故事 - Jackie Chan (from Police Story)
Happy Ghost Theme - Teresa Carpio (from Happy Ghost)
Mismatched Couple Opening - CHYNA (from Mismatched Couple)
Mian Shi Chi - Chen Xiao-yun (from A Better Tomorrow)
Midnight Rider - Alan Tam (from Armour of God)
激情 - Sandy Lam (from As Tears Go By)
喋血双雄 Opening - Sally Yeh (from The Killer)
喋血双雄 Ballad - Sally Yeh (from The Killer)
月亮代表我的心 - Teresa Teng (from Treasure Hunt)
縱橫四海 - Leslie Cheung (from Once A Thief)
Onion's Sax - Peter Kam Pau-Tat (from Fly Me to Polaris)
星語心願 - Cecilia Cheung (from Fly Me to Polaris)
給妳幸福 - Richie Ren (from Fly Me to Polaris)
無間道 (feat. Tony Leung) - Andy Lau (from Infernal Affairs)
- Andy Lau (from Shaolin)

Hard-Boiled OST (Michael Gibbs / James Wong Jim)

1. Hard-Boiled Overture
2. Tea House Bust
3. Red Car Boogie
4. Library Hit
5. Sad Kong
6. Wong-Kong
7. Wong Loses It
8. Gun Arsenal
9. Boatyard Battle
10. Yuen & Kong
11. Motorcade
12. Ko Knocked Out
13. Corridor Creeping
14. Cut Throat
15. Body Count
16. Shirley & The Babies
17. Hospital Inferno
18. Jazz Opening

Last Bullet - James Wong Jim & Romeo Diaz (from Bullet in the Head )

The Killer Bootleg Tracks - Lowell Lo & David Michael Frank
Opening Theme
The Killer 1
The Killer 2
The Killer 3
The Killer 4
The Killer 5
The Killer 6
The Killer 7
End Theme


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