Thursday, September 6, 2012

Miki Imai: Bewith & retour

While these were on my to do list, I bumped them up thanks to inspiration from my friend corwyn's I FEEL THE ECHO. Unfortunately it's not PRIDE, but fear not these are great listens! Enjoy! By the way, if anyone has a copy of her 1987 album "Elfin", I'd really appreciate it! 野性の風 was my introductory track to her and unfortunately both times I've visited Japan, I never came across the album.

1. 夏をかさねて
2. セカンドエンゲージ
3. 冷蔵庫のあかりで
4. カリビアン・ブルーの夜明け
5. 今日 私はひとり
6. キスより 吐息より
7. 初恋のように
8. とっておきの朝を
9. 黄色いTV
10. 9月半島
11. 静かにきたソリチュード

1. retour
2. Sol y Sombra~ソル イ ソンブラ
3. カ・ケ・ヒ・キ・27
4. 雨にキッスの花束を
5. もっと もっと もっと
6. 幸せになりたい
7. 去年は8月だった
8. 泣きたかった
9. 半袖
10. 冬のマーケット
11. 輝く星になって
12. 新しい街で


Corwyn said...

Zach.. thank you much for these. Very listenable albums. Further, I especially like Yano's Elephant Hotel, thank you your comprehensive posting of her works, you single handedly provided me a comprehensive collection of her work. I still have to digest the other Yano albums that you have posted most recently. Slow digestion is always more enjoyable.

Been listening to Lee Sun Hee's 6th repeatedly, great album in my opinion. Again, thanks for providing me a comprehensive collection of her work.

you take care and thank you much for your great postings.

Maxprint Ph said...

Thank you for these albums! I've been lurking the net looking for some more Miki Imai albums and while I found some with good quality (even lossless files) the links on them are either removed already or the host sites have deleted them in compliance with the US's law enforcement. If it's not much trouble for you, could post some more albums? :D Again, thanks a lot for this great shares!