Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ken Muramatsu: カレンダ ~ぶどう畑のぶどう作り~

Here's a little something for JJ's crowd. Not quite what I was expecting after hearing "STILL LIFE DONUTS" & "Blue+" but this album does have a charm to it. The entire album is completely stripped, just Muramatsu and his Steinway, and features 12 jazzy/new age tracks with all but two featuring vocal accompaniment that harmonizes with the piano. The two without vocals are my personal favorites particularly track 12. Fans and those alike give it a listen but if you are expecting his jazz fusion sound you may be caught off guard a little like I was. Enjoy! By the way google....still hating the update!

1. ぶどう色のときめき~1月
2. 野こぶしの木~2月
3. れんげ草~3月
4. 花まつり~4月
5. 海につづく小径~5月
6. ジャコウアゲハの動揺~6月
7. 光のイリュージョン~7月
8. ひまわり~8月
9. 待宵草~9月
10. 柿の葉あつめ~10月
11. 大きなとちの木~11月
12. 喜びは悲しみとともに~12月


JJ said...

Thanks, he's always a hard artist to find. Anything is welcomed.

MitsuharuSan said...

Sounds interesting. Thank you!

Farawaylover said...

Is it possible that you could reupload or mirror your previous upload of "Yuki Saito: MOON"?

Thank you.