Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keizo Nakanishi: KEIZO~かなわない夢もあった~ & Yell

It always seems as things start to clear up, more things arise. Here are the first two albums from a fantastic artist Keizo Nakanishi. I came upon Nakanishi only a few months ago and his style fits right in with the other great singer/song-writer/producer greats of the late 80s and 90s in Japan. I would say he is a mix of Kenjiro Sakiya and Toshinobu Kubota with a touch of Kadomatsu. Of course, he brings in his own flare, complementing his R&B/Pop stylings with great instrumentation, diverse sounds and orchestral layers to many of the tracks. 

Hopefully these links will work! I know people have mentioned some problems with mediafire links. Each time I try them from other computers though, they work. Perhaps it because I am in Korea, I don't know. Alas, if nothing works, I will hunt for a new site. The pesky internet police are definitely the biggest killjoys. Anywho, please check these out and three more from him will be on the way. Enjoy!

KEIZO~かなわない夢もあった~ (1991)

1. タンジェリン・アイズ
2. Brother Sun Sister Moon
3. 遠い夜明け
4. Love again
5. 彼方へ
6. 探偵
7. ミッドナイトコール
8. 夏の終わりのデッキシューズ
9. 空を泳ぐ想い
10. Daisy

Yell (1992)

1. 恋はハート・オブ・ファイアー
2. ダイヤモンド・レイン
3. ウーマン
4. 君が瞳にしみる
5. 一番君がしたかった事
6. 片想いのバースデイ
7. ミステリー・ナイト
8. 永遠のすれちがい
9. ラヴ・ソング
10. 君は君の誇り

Nakanishi's biggest hit...fantastic song

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