Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chakra: チャクラ, さてこそ & 南洋でヨイショ

While this post may focus on this short lived but fantastic group, it's really in recognition of it's vocalist Mishio Ogawa. 

Active since the late 70's, Ogawa began her career with Chakra releasing these three fantastic albums. Eclectic, poppy, and Minyo/Ryukuyuan influenced, Chakra fits right in with truly enviable alternative/new wave scene emerging in Japan during this time. 

Quickly after Chakra's demise, Ogawa released 4 fantastic solo albums which continued very much in the style of the band and has also been with several "super groups" so to speak (Wha-ha-ha, Toshiyuki Honda Radio Club, Haniwa). 

These three albums come highly recommend and are courtesy of JPDDL.com. If you're a fan of early Haruomi Hosono, Miharu Koshi or Taeko Ohnuki, you'll definitely dig them! "さてこそ" in my opinion really embodies their perfect sound. 

You can click on any of the albums names to find the link. You can also expect to see her solo albums and two more from Hideaki Tokunaga  Enjoy!

チャクラ (1980)

1. 福の種
2. マネキン
3. あこがれ
4. 島の娘
5. 東京スウィート
6. いっしょに
7. アイ・アム・ソーロー
8. 空の友達

さてこそ (1981)

1. めだか
2. ミュン ミュン
3. おちょーし者の行進曲
4. You Need Me
5. これから死んでゆくすべての生命体に捧げる詩
6. いとほに
7. Free
8. III
9. 微笑む

南洋でヨイショ (1983)

1. スウィング(タコにささげるよ)
2. 南洋でヨイショ
3. 本当のこと言えば
4. 私と百貨店
5. ペリカン
6. まだ
7. テーマ(Instrumental)


Gary said...

This is sublime. Thank you.

xザクx said...

Thanks for the comment Gary! Watch out for her four solo albums as well coming soon!

bloudie said...

Thank you.
I live in Japan.
But I don't know this band

xザクx said...

I'm glad you hear their music bloudie!
Check out my post of the lead singer, Mishio Ogawa. Thanks for the comment!

Jonathan Bailey said...

god bless you keijiongaku

Коала Кливленд said...
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Коала Кливленд said...

Thanks! Very interested in Mishio Ogawa now after listening to this mix:
http://w-o-s.ru/article/6072 (very interesting music. maybe you know more about it?)
I found very little on her sideprojects, so I would have liked to know more about her music.
Here's my share:
Love, Peace & Trance:


cefiro said...

Muchas Gracias!!!