Monday, February 3, 2014

Akiko Yano: オーエス オーエス & あそこのアッコちゃん

Here's two more from the sublime Akiko Yano. Thanks to an anonymous uploader, I was able to add these to my collection and now you can too! The album and tracks have been retagged in Japanese. 

オーエス オーエス is Yano's 7th album and it's fantastic. The album was recorded shortly after the first break-up of Yellow Magic Orchestra and with Yano having collaborated with the group numerous time and marrying member Ryuichi Sakamoto two years prior, you can definitely hear the members continued influence in this album. However, オーエス オーエス is more of an amalgamation of all the sounds and genres Yano had experimented with previously but put into a tighter and more cohesive package. This is a sound she would carry throughout the rest of the 80's and into the early 90's. 

あそこのアッコちゃん is a nice compilation filled with material from Yano's first three albums, live selections and a few b-sides. It's definitely worth a listen for those new to Yano or for you completionists out there. I'm still looking for 1986's 峠のわが家, 2000's Home Girl Journey and 2004's ホントのきもち, so if anyone has access to these it'd be greatly appreciated!

オーエス オーエス (1984)

1. おもちゃのチャチャチャ

3. きょうのわたくし
6. ラーメンたべたい
7. 素顔
8. 終わりの季節

あそこのアッコちゃん (1989)

1. 丘を越えて
2. ふなまち唄パート1
3. アメフリ
4. 相合傘
5. 昨日はもう
6. やませ(東風) 
7. こどもたち
8. ヨ・ロ・コ・ビ
9. Waterways Flow Backwards Again
10. 気球にのって
11.  行け柳田
12. ハロー・ゼア


Lynx said...

Thank you for another great post, Zach! There was even a fantastic Japanese version of Dancing Bear... that's quite a surprise :) btw, I can upload 1986's 峠のわが家 and 2004's ホントのきもち for you. I recommend creating a disposable email address on this website:
Then, just post your new email address here and I'll do the rest :)

xザクx said...

Lynx! I really appreciate it!!! The address is,

Would it be alright if I posted these possibly? I understand if you aren't comfortable with it, let me know. Thanks so much again and I'm glad you enjoy the site so much!

By the way, I really appreciate your previous comments. I had been living in Asia for a while but I'm currently in the states. I purchased most of my music when I was in Japan/South Korea and I will occasionally find things on ebay as well. I agree though it is hard to find and when you do you really break the bank sometimes! lol.

Look forward to the Yano albums when you get the chance, thanks again!

Lynx said...

OK, I've sent you a link not long ago. Enjoy! Of course, you can do anything with these files! And besides, I'm simply resharing them :)

Yeah, I saw some bankbreakers on amazon w(°o°)w Still, it seems that they ship worldwide, so for guys like me that might be the best option after all. The sad thing is they don't have some rare albums :-/

Btw, in some of your old posts, you also asked for albums by Yasushi Nakanishi and Lee Sun Hee... If you still need them, I might be able to help as well (^_^)

Lynx said...

That's OK, I re-sent my letter, don't forget to delete your post as new blogspot messages are devoured by search engines quite rapidly :) You may want to try getairmail in the future as it doesn't self-destruct so quickly, IMHO it's the best service of its kind d(-_^)

Thank you for the kind words, Zach! I'm also glad that you keep doing what you do! It really is a great community! That's why I'm more than willing to go an extra mile for it :) Actually, what I meant is that the files I'm sharing with you were uploaded by others... Speaking of anything extra, there are loads of stuff to consider... And, of course, our musical tastes may be somewhat different... I think I'll give you a link to my new youtube channel a little bit later so you can scope out some of the stuff I have. Unfortunately, it seems that I spoke too soon about youtube last time, serves me right ha ha :D Last week my account was terminated... Right now I'm still reuploading everything to my new channel. But once I'm done, I'll send you a link. Then, you can just write me an email and I'll gladly upload any album you liked (∩_∩)

Corwyn said...

Zach.... thank you much for あそこのアッコちゃん (1989)and also for the link to Karashima Midori's music.

I agree with you as to who cares if the files are not properly tagged etc, as long as we get to listen to the lot! yeah!

I have just posted Karashima's Good Afternoon for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

I hope things are going well with you and that 2014 looks bright for all of us. It is always super to see you up and posting. Do take care my friend.