Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is one of my all time favorite albums ever! This "super group" of sorts with members of fusion group PRISM and idol singer, Momoko Kikuchi, proved to be a fantastic experiment in introducing fusion and R&B to the mainstream. Although only lasting a year, the group recorded 15 amazing tracks that are on par with all the greats of the time. I discovered this album on the OLDIES BUT GOODIES site but I am reposting it with 5 extra tracks that were only available as singles. Enjoy, you won't regret!

1. Rainy Night Lady
2. Carnaval
3. 夏と秋のGood-Luck
4. Two Years After
5. 少年は天使を殺す
6. One And Only
7. Tokyo野蛮人
8. 片思い同盟
9. Late Night Heartache
10. Love Talk
1. Silent Summer Sea
2. 愛は心の仕事です
3. 水のシルクロード
4. 青山Killer物語
5. オリエンタル・プレイボーイ


luka313 said...

yeah really good, sound quality is poor though..

Farawaylover said...

Where can I find the download link? I must be missing something.

xザクx said...

What's missing is the link! I apologize for the delay. The album title has been hotlinked. Enjoy! Thank you for the comment!

MadSpecialist said...

Thanks for sharing the album as well as including those additional tracks, your time and efforts are more than appreciated.