Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Takako Okamura - After Tone II

Sorry for the delay everyone, this past Saturday I underwent surgery and I am feeling slightly better today. I have posted the requests that have made over the last few weeks and this greatest hits album from Takako Okamura. Okamura is an artist I've only recently gotten into and I am quite enjoying her music. Okamura was one half of the singing duo Amin in the early 80's, known for their hit song "待つわ". The duo was short lived until a recent reformation, but Okamura went on to have a successful solo career throughout the 80's and 90's. After Tone II is the second installment of hits by Okamura in the 80's and features 14 tracks. Hopefully I will heal up soon and be able to post more of the albums I have in stored on the web. Enjoy!

After Tone II (1990)

1. 虹を追いかけて
2. 長い時間 (たび)
4. あなたと生きた季節
5. クリスマスの夜
6. 心の草原
7. 終わらない夏
8. 見返してやるんだわ
9. Believe
10. オー・ド・シェル (天の水)
11. Kiss
12. adieu
13. リフレイン
14. 天使たちの時


Corwyn said...

Zach, thank you for posting this very nice album. I will be posting a couple of albums in the next fortnight or so. I hope that you are well and that your sinus will not bother you further. Do take care.

fen 맹구 said...

I don't know why..but...your e-mail status is "NOT READ YET"...

so.. here it is...^^
(because....SOME errors in my e-mail account...these days...
I wanna know why~~!!^^
Some friends.. "misunderstand me" sometimes... they said.."Why No answer me??" ,,,)


[fenikon] SAM~~!! (as you know.. means Teacher~!!)
2012-11-09 (금) 22:35

Zach Sam~~!! 잭샘~~!!
so long time no see~~!! 오랜만입니다....

How are you~~!
I'm fine , thank you , and you?
(hahahahh... as you know..
this is typical Korean greetings,,, almost 95% ,for the Que "How are you")

maybe a Winter Vacation coming soon...^^
But... so many people.... will never let you go.....hahahah...

Oh... this is the album I've tried to post...
but... didn;t have this..

Yes.. I'll post this... tomorrow..
with...."Special" hidden album of 유희열~~!! (for you~~!!)
( Did I send you before the album "A Walk around the corner" ??)

I am going to sleep now...
listening.... TOY ..from SAM Zach~~!!

Thank you very much~~!!!!!!!!!!!!


Farawaylover said...

Is it possible for you to reupload the following post?

Akina Nakamori: Prologue (序幕), Variation (変奏曲) & Fantasy (幻想曲)


I would really appreciate it.

Corwyn said...

Zach, How are you doing? I hope all goes well with you and that your sinus is not giving you further problems. Coming up to the end of the year and things do get busy for all I suppose. However, I hopefully will have time to post something before the year is through. Season's Greetings to you. Do take care.