Monday, September 5, 2011

Megumi Hayashibara: Half and, Half , bertemu~ブルトゥム~ & Extras

I recently found the first three series of the anime Slayers for $20 at a local store, talk about a great deal. I haven't seen it since I was kid, so I was pretty psyched! While watching it, I was reminded of how entertaining lead seiyuu Megumi Hayashibara is. Megumi has been a lead in several popular anime series (Ranma 1/2, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Blue Seed, Detective Conan, etc) and also sang songs from a majority of them as well. In fact the end theme for Blue Seed, "Touch and Go!!" is one of, if not, my favorite 90's anime song. Half and, Half is her first full length debut album and bertemu~ブルトゥム~ is her 7th and features rendition of songs from Slayers, Evangelion and other anime! Enjoy!

1. 君のAnswer
2. a Late Comer
3. 虹色のSneaker
4. 真夏のバレンタイン
5. Don’t Say{Wake up Baby}
6. 雨の日のシェイクスピア-TO FLY AWAY-
7. Friends
8. カレッジリングを買いにゆこう
9. リクレットが泣いている
10. 恋のScramble Race
12. BECAUSE ※〈その他〉

1. Give a Reason
2. Touch Yourself
3. はなれていても
4. 残酷な天使のテーゼ(アヤナミ・ヴァージョン)
5. Midnight Blue
6. まつりうた
7. 灼熱の恋
8. -Life-
9. Fly Me To The Moon (同)
10. Shining Girl
11. Nostalgic Lover
12. Too Late (New version)
13. Going History
14. Cherish Christmas

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