Friday, December 30, 2011

Mariya Takeuchi: Expressions

As the year comes to a close, I made time for a final 2011 post. This year has gone by too fast but it has been a rough one for many, so hopefully 2012 brings some piece of mind and fresh starts. The greatest hits compilation in this post features 42 tracks spanning Mariya Takeuchi's career. Takeuchi is a fantastic singer-songwriter, whose songs are probably more well known for their renditions done by other artists. Takeuchi has written several hits for some of the top idols of Japan like, Akina Nakamori, Miho Nakayama, Seiko Matsuda, Yukiko Okada and more. Many of these songs were recorded by her as well and with most of her arrangements done by husband, singer Tatsuro Yamashita. However, Takeuchi has had her fair share of hits as well, many featured on dramas and commercials. Her career may not be as recognizable as some of the artists she has written for, but her music is just as great! Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Expressions (2008)

1. 戻っておいで・私の時間
2. グッドバイ・サマーブリーズ
3. ドリーム・オブ・ユー~レモンライムの青い風~[Single Version]
4. 涙のワンサイデッド・ラヴ
5. September
6. 不思議なピーチパイ
7. 象牙海岸
8. 五線紙
9. Morning Glory
10. 僕の街へ
11. ボーイ・ハント (Where The Boys Are)
12. 恋のひとこと (Something Stupid)
13. Never Cry Butterfly
14. Let It Be Me [Studio Version]

1. リンダ
2. もう一度
3. マージービートで唄わせて
4. 本気でオンリーユー (Let's Get Married)
5. プラスティック・ラヴ
6. 恋の嵐
7. 元気を出して
8. 色・ホワイトブレンド
9. けんかをやめて
10. 駅
11. Forever Friends
12. シングル・アゲイン
13. 告白
14. マンハッタン・キス

1. 家に帰ろう (マイ・スイート・ホーム)
2. 純愛ラプソディ
4. カムフラージュ
5. 今夜はHearty Party (Single Mix)
6. 天使のため息
7. すてきなホリデイ
8. 真夜中のナイチンゲール
9. 返信
10. みんなひとり
11. チャンスの前髪
12. うれしくてさみしい日 (Your Wedding Day)
13. 幸せのものさし
14. 人生の扉

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