Friday, August 9, 2013

Keiko Matsui - Collection

While I haven't had much time for the blog as I would like, I couldn't turn down the chance to post this album! Strangely enough I found it at a library in town and was very happy to do so. Keiko Matsui is a fantastic Jazz/New Age pianist who has had a long career in both Japan and the States. Some of you may be familiar her work as "Keiko Doi" in the all female fusion group, "Cosmos". I love her work with Cosmos and thats all thanks to WAX MASK posting up 4 of their albums. This post consists of a best of album featuring songs from her solo efforts in the 80s and early 90s.  I strongly urge everyone to check out both her projects, and if I am lucky, I will be able to track down more albums from her!

As a side note, I will be receiving a much sought after album within a few weeks that I am sure many of you will be interested in as well! Look out for it and I will try to get back to posting once my life decides to cut me some slack haha!

Collection (1997)

1. Mountain Shakedown
2. The Wind And The Wolf
3. Under Northern Lights
4. Light In The Rain
5. The Morning Moon
6. Believer
7. Walls Of The Cave
8. Kappa (Water Elf)
9. Secret Forest
10. In The Mist
11. Souvenir
12. The Gate

Full album stream

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Corwyn said...

Zach! Good to see you around again. I hope that you managed to secure employment and that you are somewhat settled down between 3 (?) states. Thanks for the Matsui - Collection postings. Waiting for your posting of the much - sought - after album. you take care my friend.