Friday, August 16, 2013

Koji Tamaki: T [REPOST]

Sorry for the delay on this one. I will be trying to go through the comments and repost all of the request that are possible. Enjoy!

T (1995)

1. 正義の味方(ヒーロー)
2. 情熱
3. キ・ツ・イ
4. じれったい
5. ふたりなら
6. あの頃へ
7. カリント工場の煙突の上に
9. ワインレッドの心
10. 悲しみにさよなら
11. I Love Youからはじめよう
12. ロマン
13. コール
14. 星になりたい


Wai Kee said...

Thanks a lot!! Was a bit worried you might be too busy to continue with your blog.

Corwyn said...

Zach! I am well, just that I am busy with work as there are a few projects on - going at several locations simultaneously. Hence, I am dividing my person and time between the projects which keeps me extra busy but off the streets. I have been ear-marked to undertake some work off-shore in Oct. and that may take me out of circulation until end - Jan. Rats!

I am glad that you are in a program that will allow you to attain higher credentials. Wishfully, the credentials will allow for you to take up a position and return to the Far East. Go for it and go all the way my friend.

Really much thanks for the Ippu - do postings. I have a song or two of theirs laying around but now with your postings I will be able to listen and to evaluate their music more fully.

I finally got off my seat and managed to secure turntables. As you know, I have been wanting to post the likes of Imai Miki's Elfin, and Femme for about the longest time. However, the postings will be further delayed as the turntables are not USB turntables. Dang! Therefore, I need to obtain additional equipment to allow for ripping. Steep learning curve coming up!

However, I hope that you are doing well and that situations are bright for you. You take care my friend and do stay well.