Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ha Soo Bin Studio Album Discography

Here's another blast from the past that I hope some of you will enjoy! 

Ha Soo Bin started her short career in her late teens during the early 90's, producing some great tunes. With her child-like voice and innocent demeanor, she quickly gained many admirers but after releasing her second album she left the music business to pursue other interests. She dabbled in acting, released books of poetry and explored other assorted avenues of art before breaking a 16 year hiatus to release her most recent album in 2010.

While I prefer the music her counterpart of sorts, Kang Suji, Ha Soo Bin certainly has a unique aura to her music that I really enjoy. Her coy composure comes through in her voice and you truly feel her "innocence" so to speak. She sort of reminds me of a "shy" Eri Nitta (if that makes any sense lol). 

Her music is typical fair for the time, but the two mesh together very well and each of her albums has a great assortment of pop arrangements. "노노노노노" was the first song I heard of hers a few years ago and I think it perfectly demonstrates who she is as an artist during her early career.

I really hope you check these out if you're looking for a nostalgic trip to a time when music artist were "more subdued" haha. They're great listens and I hope everyone enjoys!  Thanks to the now defunct Kpopspy for these albums! 

Lisa in Love (1992)

1. 더이상 내게 아픔을 남기지 마
2. 노노노노노
3. 너는 나의 사랑의 이름
4. 햇살과 같은 그대의 미소
5. I'm Falling in Love
6. 잊혀져 가는 건
7. 아름다운 너
8. 사랑의 왈츠

The Heart of... (1993)

1. 그대 나를 떠나가나요
2. 그대 눈에 젖은 나
3. 날 잊어야해
4. 마지막 소녀기 (별. 소녀)
5. 나
6. 처음 사랑이야기
7. 날 대신하기에 충분한 그대
8. 그대 나를 떠나가나요(Remix)

The Persistence Of Memory (2010)

1. Island (내 그리운 나라)
2. Memories
3. A Lovely Day
4. 아이리스 정원
5. 노르웨이 숲
6. 파리엔 비가 와요
7. La Stella
8. 카사블랑카
9. Lake Louise
10. 고백
11. 사랑한 후에
12. 여름 방학
13. The Winner
14. Sky Walker (Dedicated To My Fans)
15. Happy Birthday
16. Oia


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