Thursday, March 6, 2014

OFF COURSE - i(ai)

I hate that I don't have time to write an in depth bio for the band but I wanted to post this because it's great and a fantastic introduction to the band's catalog. 

Off Course is a fantastic soft rock/folk rock band from Japan who grew to be very popular during the 70's/80's. While they were knocked a bit for being too sentimental and singer Kazumasa Oda's higher vocal register, their talent for songwriting is undeniable. The singles I posted below are a little more up tempo then most of their songs, but if you enjoy the sounds of 60's baroque pop and 70's soft rock, you'll have a great time listening to this band. I was very excited to come across this and I hope you enjoy it too!

Special thanks to the anonymous JPDDL uploader!

i(ai) (2006)

Disc 1

1. 愛を止めないで
2. Yes-No
3. 言葉にできない
4. 秋の気配
5. さよなら
6. めぐる季節
7. 水曜日の午後
8. 僕の贈りもの
9. 別れの情景(2)-もう歌は作れない
10. 愛の唄
11. 眠れぬ夜
12. 夏の終り
13. 風に吹かれて
14. 思いのままに
15. 私の願い
16. 心はなれて

Disc 2

1. 僕等の時代
3. 時に愛は
4. 愛の中へ
5. 哀しいくらい
6. せつなくて
7. 一億の夜を越えて
8. いくつもの星の下で
9. Christmas Day
11. 君が、嘘を、ついた
12. 夏の日
13. 緑の日々
14. 君の倖せを祈れない
15. 君住む街へ
16. 生まれ来る子供たちのために

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