Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Logic System - Venus

Hideaki Matsutake, also known under the moniker Logic System, is a synth musician/programer who is responsible for this superb synth masterpiece. Beginning his career working as an assistant under Isao Tomita (Asia's pioneering voice in electronic music IMHO) and then moving onto technical work as an unoffical 4th member throughout YMO's early career, Matsutake not only has talent but the credentials to assure any skeptic of his accomplishments in the genre. Logic System is a somewhat of a solo project for Matsutake, however much of his work is collaborated upon with other musicians, programmers and producers.

Venus, Logic's System's second LP, was released only a few short months after his debut album and is miles ahead in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, while I love the self titled debut, his distinct style mixed with an r&b/ital disco flair trumps the prog/spacey/kraftwerk-esque he began with. If you're interested in hearing not only his debut but 3rd release as well, head over to JJ's DOWN TO DA BONE!

I found this one on a now defunct blog about 3 years ago and I am really appreciative that I stumbled upon it! I'm pretty sure it's a vinyl rip but it definitely sounds great. I'm a big fan of early electro/dance music and if you're a fan of YMO, I think you'll dig this one too! Enjoy!

Venus (1981)

1. Venus
2. Morpheus
3. I Love You
4. Plan
5. Take A Chance
6. Automatic Collect, Automatic Correct
7. Be Yourself
8. Prophet
9. Metamorphism
10. Equivalent


takuma said...

Yep , quality stuff. Thanx!

99 said...

Nathan East, great bassist - the 80s were like the golden age for session musicians. There so many unique guitarists and sounds - Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Dann Huff, Paul Jackson Jr, Paul Pesco...oh man i could keep going.

I mean check this cover of Off Course's Yes-No (not a big fan of the vocals though :P):


xザクx said...

99..i totally agree! Session musicians and producers had a lot of flexibility regarding their creativity then and many could also release solo efforts to really demonstrate their talents! Better days...

Thanks so much for the link! I really enjoyed the arrangement. I of course perfer Kazumasa-san's vocals but it was pretty neat to hear a english cover of the song. Thanks again!