Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Beatniks - Existentialism

Finally found employment about a month ago and have been busy trying to settle into things. I have a long list of requests and posts to get to and I hope all my visitors have been well!  I have a good amount of files already uploaded, now its just putting the posts together. Life has been strange the last three years since I started this blog and hopefully more stability will be in my future... 

Many thanks to Fen, Corwyn, JJ and others for continuing the spirt of the blog world and reminding me to stop being lazy and post more haha! 

The album featured today is a fantastic debut collaboration from two true synth geniuses. Keiichi Suzuki of Moon Riders fame and the "voice and rhythm" of YMO, Yukihiro Takahashi, formed this side project as a tribute to the 50's/60's counter cultural movement known as the beatniks. This underground movement was a powerful force during the time and was seeped in French New Wave motifs. These aspect are featured throughout the album, with the included use of French lyrics. However, the album is unmistakably a product of the minds of the early Japanese new wave movement, with the then modern sounds and the "beatnik" concept pieced together beautifully.

Keeping up even further with the French theme, the album's name "Existentialism" is also derived from the 19th/20th century philosophical movement of the same namesake. In high school I was extremely intrigued by the works of Sartre and Camus, but if any of you have actually sat down and tried to absorb anything from "Being and Nothingness", you know how fruitless that can be haha!

The Beatniks still sporadically release albums, with their last effort seen in 2011. Fortunately I was able to come upon this 3 or 4 years ago on a now defunct blog. Many thanks to the original poster and I truly hope you all enjoy it!

Existentialism (1981)

1. Le Sang Du Poete
2. No Way Out
3. Ark Diamant
4. Now And Then … 
5. Loopy
6. Une Femme N'est Pas Un Homme
7. Mirroris
8. Le Robinet
9. L'Etoile de Mer
10. Inevitable

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