Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Japan: Quiet Life & Gentlemen Take Polaroids

These are the two that defined Japan and marked their shift from Glam to New Wave. David Sylvian's introduction of the lower register vocals, Mick Karn's fretless bass grooves, Richard Barbieri's signature synths and the solid percussion of Steve Jansen. These albums did however, mark the minimization of guitarist Rob Dean contributions to the band (which caused his departure in 1980) but his presence in these albums is key, his instrumental composition "The Width of A Room" and the title tracks of both albums are a testament to that. Some amazing musicianship and fantastic representations of minimalist pop music. This also marks the first collaboration between David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto on "Taking Islands in Africa". Enjoy!

Quiet Life (1979)

1. Quiet Life
2. Fall In Love With Me
3. Despair
4. In-Vogue
5. Halloween
6. All Tommorow's Parties
7. Alien
8. The Other Side Of Life
9. All Tomorrows Parties (12'' Version, 1983 Remix)
10. All Tomorrows Parties (7'' Version)
11. A Foreign Place (B-Side Of Quiet Life)
12. Quiet Life (7'' Version)
13. Quiet Life (12" version)
14. Life In Tokyo (12" version)

Gentlemen Take Polaroids (1980)

1. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
2. Swing
3. Burning Bridges
4. My New Career
5. Methods Of Dance
6. Ain´t That Peculiar
7. Nightporter
8. Taking Islands In Africa
9. The Experience Of Swimming
10. The Width Of A Room
11. Taking Islands In Africa (Steve Nye Remix)

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