Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kenji Kawai: 龍虎門 & Ip Man [SOUNDTRACK]

I am HUGE Hong Kong film fan, especially when it comes to action. While I do feel the HK film industry has lost a lot of its charm over the last decade or so, there are still many enjoyable films, some of which I would consider to be on par with the greats of the Golden Era. When stars like Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Chow Yun Fat shifted their attention to the American Market in the 90's, this allowed stars like Jet Li and Donnie Yen to work their way to the top of the action scene. Both龍虎門 (Dragon Tiger Gate) & Ip Man are Donnie Yen films from the last few years and are some of his most enjoyable works. A striking feature from both films, aside from their beautiful choreography, is their soundtracks done by the one and only Kenji Kawai. Kawai began score films outside of Japan in the early 2000's and his efforts in Hong Kong are some of his best recognized. Great films; great music, what more could you ask for! Enjoy!

龍虎門 (2006)

1. 創 Creation
2. 指示 Directions
3. 遇 Encounter
4. 攻 Attack
5. 活 Life Force
6. 反攻 Counter Attack
7. 龍虎門 Dragon Tiger Gate
8. 尋找 In Search of
9. 悟 Enlightenment
10. 痛 Suffering
11. 危 Danger
12. 本 In the Beginning
13. 滅 Destruction
14. 堅持 Persistence
15. 空 Nothingness
16. 痛逝 Loss
17. 燃燒 On Fire
18. 戰 The Battle
19. 圓 Satisfaction
20. 未 Completion

Ip Man [SOUNDTRACK] (2008)

1. Maestro
2. Harmony
3. Challenge
4. Arrogance
5. Insolence
6. Calmness
7. City Of Sadness
8. Lost
9. In Vain
10. Decayed
11. Stuck In A Moment
12. Consequences
13. Battle
14. Sacrifice
15. Ip Man
16. Nirvana
17. Desperado
18. Little Thoughts
19. Entanglement
20. Fearless
21. Going Under
22. Instinct
23. Danger
24. Sinking
25. Tensed
26. Battle For Righteousness
27. Remembrance
28. Harakiri
29. Completion
30. Maestro II
31. Trailer

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