Monday, April 9, 2012

Alive and Well in South Korea~!

Hello Everyone! I hope you've been well! I've been transitioning into my new life as an english teacher in South Korea and everything is working out very well. There are difficulties in living in a country where you don't speak the language very well but people are accommodating and supportive of my efforts of using Korean to communicate. Well enough about me...its back to music time! I hope to post as much as I can and first I'd like to focus on Korean music for a while since i'm here! So, todays post I'll start with a 2 disc Jeon Young Rok compilation I found in a record store in Busan. Two disc collections like this are fairly common in Korean department stores but I still find that most people have no idea who they are when I buy them, unless they are from that generation of course! People give me some perplexed looks when I ask for older music or Trot, but I guess its pretty strange for a waygook to know, let alone, like these artists! Jeon Young Rok is a great singer and his daughter has also continued the families musical lineage as a member of the famous k-pop group, T-ARA. Enjoy!

전영록 힛트곡 전집 (2005)

1. 종이학
2. 사랑은 연필로 쓰세요
3. 지나간 시절의 연가
4. 애심
5. 연민
6. 그대가 미워요
7. 꼬꼬
8. 애원
9. 그대 뺨에 흐르는 눈물
10. 그날이 오면
11. 이브
12. 만남에서 헤어짐까지
13. 떨어진 잎새
14. 나그네 길
15. 재회
16. 그대
17. 하얀 발자국

1. 애인
2. 빗속의 연가
3. 카사블랑카
4. 그대
5. 동경
6. 포옹
7. 겨울 장미
8. 철 지난 바닷가
9. 삶
10. 사랑은
11. 작은 풍선
12. 그대여
13. 내 꿈은 너
14. 슬프지 않은 곳으로
15. 마지막 손길
16. 실연
17. 이 말을 하고 싶었어요

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fenikon said...

So Goooooooood to hear that everything's fine in your Korean life,,,~~!!

Korea is not the new world, just another same society,,, with same people,^^

I will be the BEST teacher
for your students...^^

WELCOME your NEW Home~~!!^^

(Ah..BIG THX so much for.. this hidden Gem~~!! I've never thought I can enjoy 영록이형님 앨범 from you....~~!!^^)