Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yoo Young-Jin (유영진): Blues In Rhythm & Blue Rhythm

Yoo Young-Jin has arguably been the most dominant presence in K-pop over the last decade and a half but ironically, most are completely unaware of that fact. This singer/songwriter/composer, is responsible for some of K-pops biggest hits over the last few years but many do not know his name nor can recall his string of solo efforts under his current employer, the juggernaut that is SM Entertainment. Originally beginning as a performer for SM, Yoo Young-Jin shifted his interests to composing and arranging after he fulfilled his mandatory military service. While his signature style is still felt and his powerhouse vocals can be heard in accompaniment, Young-Jin has taken a backseat to the public eye and instead help solidified the careers and success of some of K-Pop's most well known groups. H.O.T, DBSK(TVXQ), Super Junior, and now the freshly debuted EXO, all owe their continued success to this man behind the scenes and while his at times "off-beat" artistic pursuits have been questioned, no one can deny his impact. While I enjoy the whole array of his works, I wish that he was still a performer. His vocals and arrangements and soulful, powerful and damn catchy. These are his first two solo albums and they make for great listens. Check out the covers of Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" and "Easy" on his 2nd album, they are great renditions. Enjoy!

1집 - Blues In Rhythm (1993)

1. 그대 가슴에 나를 가두어
2. 그대의 향기
3. 매일꾸는 꿈
4. 내곁에 머물수없니
5. 마음에 내리는 비
6. 시간
7. 사랑을 배우는 인생
8. 비오는 오후에
9. 내곁에 머물수없니 (instrumental)
10. 그대의 향기 (instrumental)

2집 - Blues Rhythm (1995)

1. Interlude
2. 너의 착각
3. 지난 날
4. 습관적인 눈물
5. 영원한 친구
6. 내곁에서 멀리
7. 두번째 이별
8. Wonderful Tonight
9. 마지막 여행
10. 나머지 사랑을 내게
11. 사랑이 끝난후
12. Easy
13. 혼자되어도
14. Outro Amazing Grace

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