Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sorry for the delay! Some fantastic B-sides on this album. Enjoy!

1. 一度だけ
3. We're alive
4. マスカレード(Single Version)
5. 置き手紙
6. 一秒一夜
7. ノー・コメント
8. チャイナドレスでおいで
9. 俺はシャウト!
10. 恋はダンスではじめよう
11. じれったい(シングル・ヴァージョン)
12. ひとりぼっちの虹
13. きっかけのWink
14. 時計
15. Non Senseだらけ
16. 地平線を見て育ちます
17. あの頃へ


999prophet said...

Hey thanks a lot for the repost. These record labels really know how to persuade people to pay top buck for exclusive material. They released that 1982-1993? box set for nearly $200 lol but i don't think its even remastered, its just SHM CDs.

If you do get the chance, could you also please reupload Anzen Chitai: プルシアンブルーの肖像. I don't know what i can offer, i have been harvesting some boowy or wands if you like.

xザクx said...

999prophets thanks for the comment! I completely understand what ya mean! I'd be glad to repost プルシアンブルーの肖像 for ya....unfortunately it will be in 128kbps as I found it on the web about 3 or 4 years ago! Hope that will satisfy and any Boowy or Wands albums would be appreciated! Thanks for the offer!

999prophet said...

Hey actually don't worry about the reupload, thanks though, i think i may have found it,

I'll be honest i found most stuff on the web.

You can try here for Wands -

APE is much like FLAC i think but to be honest i couldn't really tell the difference between it and 320kbps. If you like i can get you mp3 links instead.

wai.lark said...

Can u upload this album again ~ Thanks , Since i cannot got from mediafire link. Thanks thousand times to u ~ Best regrads