Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kenjiro Sakiya: Difference & Realism

While stumbling upon him accidentally, I've become quite fond of Sakiya's work. While I do feel it pales in comparison to other artist of a similar style and sound, there is something undeniably great about his sound. In 1985, Sakiya started work as a composer/producer and then began his own individual musical pursuits in 1987, releasing "Difference". Difference and Realism are fantastic albums and if you are a fan of Toshiki Kadomatsu, Chikuzen Satou, or the genres those gentlemen perform, please check this artist out! Sakiya continues to release his music while writing music for other artists, television and film and I'm happy to have found a handful of his early albums to share with you all. Enjoy!

1. 愛の時差(Difference In Time)
2. 思いがけないSITUATION
3. 夏のポラロイド
4. Half Moon
5. 愛されてもいない~ハーレムの天使達~
6. St.ELMO'S Fireー幻の光ー
7. 僕には君だけ
8. Kissの花束
9. 瓶の中の少年

3. 7TH AVE.
6. ラベンダーの中で
7. 夏の午后
8. 6月・絵と君と
9. 水に眠る
10. 不安定な月
11. (request)もう一度夜を止めて


takuma said...


Mark Urbanski said...

Thank you VERY much for these!!

xザクx said...

Glad to do so! Be on the look out for three more from him!

Lynx said...

Thank you very much for great and rare music!!! Your blog is really amazing :) Thanks to you I became quite a fan of Sakiya-san! Also, I want to ask you if you can give me your permission to upload some of Kenjiro's albums to my YouTube channel in the future. Of course, I will mention your blog in the description of videos or only your name (Mr. Z in the worst case) if you don't want publicity. Onegai? :)

xザクx said...

Lynx, I have no problem with you doing that but watch out for the youtube police haha. It's getting harder to do this for many reasons but if it weren't for blogs and youtube I would not have purchased as much music as I have. Thanks for the comment and I hope you read this response. Dozo! =D

Lynx said...

Yossha! I was waiting for your response, thank you kindly :D btw, the channel that had Sakiya-san's 夏の午后 among other things has just been closed courtesy of RIAJ :( Still, in my short experience, if you upload only old music and avoid high-profile artists, then you're pretty much safe :) Yeah, I agree with you, I just wish those obscure old Japanese CDs were more accessible to folks outside Japan... Do you buy them from online auctions? Recently I checked out an obscure city pop album and found out that the costs of shipping via a third party (the only option for that CD) exceed the CD's price. As I live in EU, I think that those shipping costs aren't even final ;)