Thursday, July 14, 2011

Akina Nakamori: BEST AKINA メモワール & BEST 1,2,3

Since they usually do the best download wise, here are Akina Nakamori's first four best of albums. I hope everyone checks out her material if they are unfamiliar with her work because she was a one in million in the Idol world of the 80's. Each of albums always brings something new to the table, even if it isn't always the best (later on in her career). Regardless, each album evolved and experimented and while most Idol's were competing with the same sounds, Akina was always set apart. However, her personal life nearly destroyed her career and at one point her life but today she is still recording and will always be my favorite of the J-pop Idols. I won't be posting for a while again, so I hope these entertain until then. Enjoy!!!

Anzen Chitai: 安全地帯X~雨のち晴れ~, 安全地帯XI ☆Starts☆「またね…。」, STARDUST RENDEZ-VOUS, 安全地帯 Hits (2010) & ANOTHER COLLECTION

Here are the final albums for Anzen Chitai that I have. If anyone has any other please share them, I would love more of their live albums!!! For anybody wondering, "Hits" is all new recordings of their greatest hits and "Another Collection" is B-sides. Sorry for the wait everyone! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Anzen Chitai: 安全地帯VIII~太陽 & 安全地帯IX

Next week I plan to start up the Tamaki Koji solo albums after I finish the Anzen Chitai albums and also begin the extensive Akina Nakamori discography. Since I have virtually everything she has done, I will only post a few albums at a time along with others in order to diversify and extend the life of my site lol. Hope everyone is enjoying the posts, don't be afraid to post some comments or follow the page!

安全地帯VIII~太陽 (1991)

1. 1991年からの警告
2. 太陽
3. 花咲く丘
4. いつも君のそばに
5. 俺はどこか狂っているのかもしれない
6. SEK'K'EN = GO
7. エネルギー
8. ジョンがくれたGUITAR
9. 朝の陽ざしに君がいて
10. 黄昏はまだ遠く

安全地帯IX (2002)

1. スタートライン
2. なにもない海へ
3. 一本の鉛筆
4. なんで
5. たいせつなひと
6. 遠い昔
7. ストーリー
8. 出逢い(アルバムバージョン)
9. 二人称
10. ハードル
11. パズル
12. デッサン
13. 野蛮人でいい
14. いま