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Hiroko Yakushimaru: Twin Best + Extras [REPOST]

I apologize dearly for the delay, the end of the semester is proving to be much more busy than I expected. I have been pretty exhausted and I just had an open class for my principals/coworkers thrown at me for this thursday so...yeah. Hopefully this was worth the wait corwyn and if luck is on my side, i'll be getting more from this lovely singer in the near future. Thanks for the request and enjoy!

ツイン・ベスト (1998)

Disc 1
1. あなたを・もっと・知りたくて
2. 探偵物語
3. 時代
4. 元気を出して
5. メイン・テーマ
6. セーラー服と機関銃
7. Woman "Wの悲劇"より
8. 天に星.地に花
9. ステキな恋の忘れ方
10. すこしだけ やさしく
11. 風と光に抱かれて
12. 手をつないでいて
13. 星紀行 ~キャメルの伝説~
14. 終楽章
15. バンブー・ボート

Disc 2
1. ささやきのステップ
2. 冷たくされたい
3. 夢の中へ
4. 眠りの坂道
5. 白い散歩道
6. 紫の花火
7. 紅い花、青い花
8. 月のオペラ
9. 胸の振子
10. 紳士同盟
12. 語りつぐ愛に
13. 花のささやき
14. Windy Boy
15. 風に乗って

Sentence セ・ン・テ・ン・ス (1988)

1. バンブー・ボート
2. 麦わら帽子のアン
3. 時代 (ニュー・リミックス・バージョン)
4. 冬のバラ
5. 探偵物語 (ストリングス・バージョン)

歌物語 (2011)

1. セーラー服と機関銃(オリジナルヴァージョン)
2. 瞳で話して
3. ハードデイズ ラグ
4. 夕暮れを止めて
5. 僕の宝物
9. 未完成
10. 100粒の涙
11. うたかた
12. 雨は止まない
13. 雨にさらわれて
14. 時の贈り物

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Perfume: 不自然なガール / ナチュラルに恋して

The songs that solidified Perfume in my "cool book". This single will be the last from them, but everyone should check out their new full length "JPN". Sorry I've been AWOL the last few days but the end of the semester pressures are on and I'm now planning my students finals and English camp lessons for next month summer. I'm also losing energy with this heat/rain/heat/rain business! Anyway, I took a break...headed to a PC Room and decided to do a mass post of 5 albums. I urge everyone to check em out. Also, hopefully if time and energy permits, I'm showing interest in starting another blog dedicated to Video Game music and reviews (not too original I know). Since I'm an old fart at heart, its mainly gonna be about old games but trust me when I say some video game music is a better listen then most music. Anywho, enjoy the tunes and be on the watch out for some Hiroko Yakushimaru re-posts and other random goodies. Enjoy!

1. 不自然なガール
2. ナチュラルに恋して
3. 不自然なガール -Original Instrumental-
4. ナチュラルに恋して -Original Instrumental-

Love this video!!!
While the blocking is impressive, girl's shopping on a conveyor belt though....anyway great song!

Number Girl: School Girl Distortional Addict

Back in 2005/2006 I discovered Number Girl on Myspace and songs off of School Girl Distortional Addict happened to be the first tunes I heard. Perhaps its nostalgia, but this is their best album in my opinion and a significant improvement over their first. Great music, great album cover, great everything. Enjoy!

Also, its very clear to me how much that Green Day's American Idiot opening riff sounds slightly reminiscent of the opening riff to "日常に生きる少女" but, that riff pretty much sounds like every Pixies song....so cest la vie.

1. タッチ
2. PIXIE DU[¨]
3. 裸足の季節
5. 桜のダンス
6. 日常に生きる少女
7. 狂って候
8. 透明少女
9. 転校生

Masami Tsuchiya: Life in mirrors

Yet another fantastic album from Masami Tsuchiya. While I enjoyed TOKYO BALLET, Life in mirrors is more reminiscent of the later Ippu-do/RICE MUSIC sound, which I prefer. Also it doesn't hurt when David Sylvian and Mick Karn (Japan), John Taylor (Duran Duran) and Andy Mackay (Roxy Music) lend their talents to the mix. Great Stuff, highly recommended! Enjoy!

3. KHAOS TOWN(日射しの罪人)
4. 水の中のホテル (HOTEL ATLANTIS)

Megumi Hayashibara: SHAMROCK

More from the always great Megumi. I hope more people give her a chance, check out "LOOKN' FOR LOVE"...it's one of my favorites from her. Enjoy!

1. Ganbatte!
2. COMET rendez-vous
4. 4月の雪 (MOMO VERSION)
5. 夢を抱きしめて
7. Only One (NEW VERSION)
10. 好きより大好きミンキースマイル!
11. ララバイ☆あ・げ・た・い (NEW VERSION)
13. In The Fluffy MOON Nite (NEW VERSION)
15. Sad Man

Lee Sun Hee (이선희) - 한바탕 웃음으로

Definitely one of my favorite albums from her. Enjoy!

1. 나의 거리
2. 오월의 햇살
3. 한바탕 웃음으로
4. 그대여
5. 수선화
6. 겨울애상
7. 불꽃초롬
8. 바다가 되어
9. 누나야
10. 마음처럼 그대곁에

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Music from the Films of Takeshi Kitano: Dolls & Zatoichi (座頭市)

As most of us learn in life, most good things don't last forever and after a decade long working relationship, Kitano and Hisaishi parted ways after the completion of 2002's Dolls. Apparently the two had a argument concerning the films soundtrack and that may be the reason why there are only five tracks present. Dolls is a fantastic art film and it was a new beginning for Kitano in a way. While many of his films were building up to this, Dolls really set the tone for the second phase of his directorial career in the 2000's. This was slightly subdued in his revamp of the popular blind swordsman film series, Zatoichi (座頭市), however Kitano, like in A Scene at the Sea, played off his characters disability intriguingly with sound. Musician Keiichi Suzuki of Moonriders fame took the role of composer and the two created an interesting world together. Both men have eclectic ways of crafting their art and much of this film is synchronized to the soundtrack. This is my favorite aspect of the film and while I did not love as much as Dolls and his works from the 90's, I did find it greatly entertaining. Unfortunately, this will be the last of his film soundtracks but I will continue post the randomness that I usually do. Check the films, check the soundtracks and enjoy!

Dolls (2002) Joe Hisaishi

1. Sakura
2. Pure White
3. Mad
4. Feel
5. Dolls

1. A road to a post-town
2. Firewood-chopping and a farmer who wants to be a samurai
3. Ginzo's first command
4. The Naruto-ya rice merchant massacre
5. The gambling house massacre
6. The wasteland massacre and the reminiscence of Geisha
7. A house on fire and massacres all over
8. Constructors
9. O-kagura
10. Zatoichi showdown
11. Festivo
12. A road to a post-town - alternate mix
13. Ginzo's first command - alternate mix
14. A house on fire and massacres all aver - alternate mix
15. Trailer

Friday, June 15, 2012

Music from the Films of Takeshi Kitano: Brother

After a string of successful films and a few acting roles outside of Japan, Kitano set his sights on the foreign market and in 2000 released his first and only US film, Brother. While much of the film is in Japanese, the story takes place in Los Angeles (ironically Little Tokyo) following a war between a newly formed "American Yakuza" and the "Mafia" . Despite its numerous flaws (and there are many), I still relatively enjoyed the film and I think Kitano's style and Hisaishi's soundtrack have a lot to do with that. Kitano vowed though to never pursue another similar project, as he would come to regret the experience. 2000 also saw the release of Jet Li's "Romeo Must Die", another horrible venture in the Far East vs West Coast theme and I'm glad no for the most part, a film is released internationally and directors feel less pressure to do these kinds of projects. Also to note, while Kitano has several actors that he uses in nearly every film he does, Brother became the second film in which he worked with actor Claude Maki. Great soundtrack, enjoy!

1. Drifter... in LAX
3. Tattoo
4. Death Spiral
5. Party (One Year Later)
6. On the Shore
7. Blood Brother
8. Raging Men
9. Beyond the Control
10. Wipe Out"
11. Liberation from the Death
12. I Love You, Aniki
13. Ballade
14. Brother
15. Brother (Remix version)

Megumi Hayashibara: WHATEVER

1. 夜明けのShooting Star
2. 守ってあげる
3. 恋・無双華
4. プリズムアイ
6. Still Waiting
8. 雨の日の過ごし方
9. Back Seat Dollが見ていた
10. 流星機ガクセイバー
11. 浜辺のダイアリー
12. 夏のうねり
13. Distance
14. Tokyo Boogie Night
15. 虹色のSneaker

Music from the films of Takeshi Kitano: Kikujiro (菊次郎の夏)

After the success of HANA-BI, Kitano returned with another "journey" film Kikujiro (菊次郎の夏). The film focuses on the summer exploits of a young boy and a man who lives for gambling and is one of Kitano's most lighthearted films. Once again, Hisaishi and Kitano collaborated on the project, producing perhaps one of Hisaishi's most recognized pieces "Summer". Great film, great soundtrack, enjoy!

Also...is anyone else not enjoying this new blogger layout?
나는 새 블로그 템플릿을 싫어요!

Kikujiro (菊次郎の夏) (1999)

1. Summer
2. Going Out
3. Mad Summer
4. Night Mare
5. Kindness
6. The Rain
7. Real Eyes
8. Angel Bell
9. Two Hearts
10. Mother
11. River Side
12. Summer Road

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Music from the films of Takeshi Kitano: HANA-BI

In 1997, Kitano released what is arguably his most important film and is by far my favorite of his and one of my favorite films of all time. If you haven't seen this film, do so. Enjoy!

2. Angel
3. Sea of Blue
4. ...and Alone
5. Ever Love
6. Painters
7. Smile and Smile
8. Heaven's Gate
9. Tenderness
10. Thank You .... for Everything
11. HANA-BI (reprise)

Perfume: ⊿ (Triangle)

1. Take off
2. love the world
3. Dream Fighter
4. edge (⊿-mix)
6. Kiss and Music
7. Zero Gravity
8. I still love U
9. The best thing
10. Speed of Sound
11. One room Disco <----------- (Sorry track is missing)
12. 願い (Album-mix)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Music from the films of Takeshi Kitano: Kids Return

After the failure of Sonatine, Kitano tried to evoke his roots with a slapstick comedy film "Getting Any? (みんな~やってるか!)" two years later in 1995. However, just like his other previous efforts, it failed to garner any positive attention. In addition in 1994 shortly after finishing filming "Getting Any?", Kitano was involved in a motorscooter accident causing paralysis in half of his body. He would later remark that he was suffering from large amounts of depression and that the accident was an "unconscious suicide attempt". That aside though, Kitano was determined to return to work on a new project after recovering. Kids Return became Kitano's 6th film, dealing with the relationship of two friends and their lives after dropping out of high school. Kitano once again worked with Joe Hisaishi and Hisaishi created yet another beautiful score to compliment another great film. Kids Return became Kitano's most successful film up to that point in his career and I consider it to be one of his best films. Enjoy!

1. Meet Again
2. Graduation
3. Angel Doll
4. Alone
5. As a Rival
6. Promise...For Us
7. Next Round
8. Destiny
9. I Don't Care
10. High Spirits
11. Defeat
12. Break Down
13. No Way Out
14. The Day After
15. Kids Return

Here's the full film with English subs!

Masami Tsuchiya: TOKYO BALLET

A superb second album from one of my favorite artists. Enjoy!

1. SUDDENLY 突然の明日
9. 最上階のバタフライ
11. 風石

Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir: Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares

I first came upon this beautiful music in an episode of the HBO series "Carnivale". The choral music from Bulgaria and unlike anything you've ever heard and although I've heard many of the songs numerous times, I still get chills with each listening. These other worldly tunes come highly recommended and you'd be denying yourself greatly if you didn't take a listen!

1. Pilentze Pee
2. Svatba
3. Kalimankou Denkou
4. Strati Na Angelaki Doumasche
5. Polegnala E Pschenitza
6. Messetschinko Lio Greïlivko
7. Breï Yvane
8. Erghen Diado
9. Sableyalo Mi Agontze
10. Prïtourïtze Planinata
11. Mir Stanke Le
12. Schopska Pesen
13. Polegnala E Todora

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Music from the films of Takeshi Kitano: Sonatine

Kitano's return to the yakuza genre in 1993's led to yet another commercial failure in Japan. The violent, psychological look into the life of a band of wayward gangsters confined to the beaches of Okinawa was not what many expected from the comedian they knew. However, I will tell you this film is amazing and I'm not the only with this opinion. In fact Sonatine, two years after its release, became a huge international success for Kitano after a French publisher, Jean-Pierre Dionnet, pushed for its release in France after viewing the film at the 1993 Cannes. Kitano style really came to life in this film and the scoring from Hisaishi is no less as well. The haunting minimalistic piano theme for the film truly resonates with the tone and Sonatine is a smart, dry, odd and beautiful film because of it. This is my second favorite Kitano film and the film and soundtrack come highly recommended. Enjoy!

1. Sonatine I ~ Act of Violence
2. Light and Darkness
3. Play on the Sands
4. Rain After That
5. A on the Full Moon of Mystery
6. Into a Trance
7. Sonatine II ~ In the Beginning
8. Magic Mushroom
9. Eye Witness
10. Runaway Trip
11. Moebius Band
12. Die Out of Memories
13. See You ...
14. Sonatine III ~ Be Over

Akiko Yano: はじめてのやのあきこ

This will be the last Akiko Yano post for a while (at least until I can get a hold of more). A short mini album of sorts featuring subdued duet versions of some of her biggest songs. Good listen. Enjoy!

はじめてのやのあきこ (2006)

1. 自転車でおいで (feat. Noriyuki Makihara)
2. 中央線 (feat. Oda Kazumasa)
3. PRESTO (Acoustic Version)
4. ごはんができたよ (feat. YUKI)
5. 架空の星座 (feat. Yōsui Inoue)
6. ひとつだけ (feat. Kiyoshirō Imawano)
7. そこのアイロンに告ぐ (feat. Hiromi Uehara) ※〈特殊紙パッケージ仕様〉

Lee Sun Hee (이선희) - 사랑이 지는 이자리

4집 - 사랑이 지는 이자리 (1988)

1. 사랑이 지는 이자리
2. 세월은 흘러도
3. 길을 떠나자
4. 천사는 울지 않아요
5. 아름다운 강산 <--------------- (Track missing~Live version included in place)
6. 나 항상 그대를
7. 밤이 찾아 오면
8. 그대의 얼굴
9. 어려운 대답
10. 안녕

Music from the films of Takeshi Kitano: A Scene at the Sea (あの夏、いちばん静かな海)

A Scene at the Sea (あの夏、いちばん静かな海) is Kitano's third film but his first with legendary composer, Joe Hisaishi. This was the start of a decade long partnership between the two and it truly enriched Kitano's style and presentation throughout the 90's. Hisashi's compositions bring such warmth to the films and oddly compliment even the most perplexing and violent moments of Kitano's films. The film's protagonist, played by Claude Maki, is a deaf young man who wants to learn how to surf. Kitano stylistically made most of the movie in silence but allowed Hisaishi's soundtrack to speak for the characters and it fits perfectly. While not my favorite from either of them, A Scene at the Sea (あの夏、いちばん静かな海) marks an important point in both of their careers and is a fantastic listen and watch. Enjoy!

1. Silent Love (Main Theme)
2. Clifside Waltz I
3. Island Song
4. Silent Love (In Search Of Something)
5. Bus Stop
6. While At Work
7. Clifside Waltz II
8. Solitude
9. Melody Of Love
10. Silent Love (Forever)
11. Alone
12. Next Is My Turn
13. Wave Cruising
14. Clifside Waltz III

Monday, June 11, 2012

All Akiko Yano links Reposted!

Requested by a good friend of the blog. I hope everyone enjoys!

Music from the films of Takeshi Kitano: Violent Cop (その男, 凶暴につき)

While I will continue to post various albums in addition, I thought I'd do a string of post dedicated to one of my favorite film directors, Takeshi Kitano. Kitano's the god of "Meta" yakuza films and his acute sensibilities regarding all aspects of his craft are usually unsurpassed, always controversial and at times mislead. Beginning his career as a stand up comedian, Kitano accidentally fell into film making when the director of Violent Cop (その男, 凶暴につき) had to drop out of the project. The film was supposed to be a comedy but Kitano, now at the reigns, decided to completely alter the project and thus began the first of many experimental Japanese mob movies. His films of course have taken on many different themes as the times have gone on, but this is the film that molded his career for the past 20+ years. This score, done by Daisuke Kume, compliments the film very well. Particularly the main theme standouts but so does Kume's variation of French composer Erik Saite's piece, Gnossiennes I
. The film is great and so to is the soundtrack and both come recommended. Enjoy!

Violent Cop (その男, 凶暴につき) (1989) Daisaku Kume, Marc A Cesti

1. 我妻のテーマ(グノシェンヌ1)
2. その男,凶暴につき(エンドタイトル)
3. 清弘のテーマ
4. 我妻のテーマ2
5. その男,凶暴につき(メインテーマ)
6. フェアー(グノシェンヌ1)
7. Intorno Al Idol Mio
8. その男, 凶暴につき (Sax Version)
Satie: Gnossiennes - 1. Lent
Satie: Gnossiennes - 2. Avec Étonnement
Satie: Gnossiennes - 3. Lent
Satie: Gnossiennes - 4. Lent
Satie: Gnossiennes - 5. Modéré
Satie: Gnossiennes - 6. Avec Conviction Et Avec Une Tristesse Rigoureuse