Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mishio Ogawa: 小川美潮, 4to3, ウレシイノモト & 檸檬の月

I've been having a troubling time with uploading to Mediafire so I decided to try Mega, but then I was having issue with that. Very frustrating.

I apologize for the delay but these are definitely worth the wait! If you enjoyed her work with Chakra, then you will definitely enjoy her solo efforts. 

The first track I ever heard from her was "走れ自転車" which was featured in the brilliant anime film "老人Z" which former Chakra member, Bun Itakura, composed the soundtrack for. Ogawa and Itakura have frequently collaborated with one another over the years and 走れ自転車 is a great example of this.

Each of the albums highlights Ogawa's distinct style while simultaneously bringing something new to each individual effort. Her self titled debut is mostly minimal and abstract however with the following three albums, Ogawa really builds upon a strong foundation with incrementally improving production values, powerful; emotive vocals  and a noticeable effort for a wider pop appeal.   

All these albums are courtesy of an anonymous post from Jpddl. Give them a listen and best wishes during this holiday season! Enjoy!

小川美潮 (1984)

1. おーい
2. 行っといで
3. 時計屋
4. ポテトロイド
5. おかしな午後
6. 光の糸 金の糸
7. 花の子供

4to3 (1991)

1. デンキ

2. Four to Three
3. 夜店の男
4. 野ばら
5. On the Road
6. 記憶
7. ほほえみ
8. 天国と地獄
9. 窓
10. おかしな午後

ウレシイノモト (1992)

1. ウレシイの素

2. きもちのたまご
3. Link
4. 恋
5. Marble
6. 走れ自転車 (album version)
7. Charming
8. Picnic
9. ひとりごと
10. 人と星の镚
11. 逪い夏
BONUS from 老人Z OST

檸檬の月 (1993)

1. はじめて

2. 檸檬の月
3. ふたつのドア
4. Shambhaline I
5. Shambhaline II
6. Tall Noser
7. Dear Mr. Optimist
8. Monday
9. Chat Show
10. Blue