Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Chinese Ghost Story Soundtrack (倩女幽魂) [REPOST]

As I've posted several times before, I am a huge Hong Kong movie fan and "A Chinese Ghost Story" is definitely on my favorites list. While Tsui Hark's "Zu: The Warriors of the Magic Mountain" may be considered the original fantasy/sfx epic, I think A Chinese Ghost Story (produced by Hark as well) told a more cohesive story and really up'd the bar for the genre. Naturally the film was a great success and sparked a love affair with romantic ghost/fantasy films in Hong Kong. Many similar films were made, some good, most bad (including the first sequel to this movie, though it's grown on me) but none held up to the original. Well enough blabbing, if you are familiar with the film, you know it had some great music and OST songs, particularly from leading man Leslie Cheung. Hong Kong soundtracks are rare and hard to come to by and I'm pretty sure most were never released, so unfortunately this is either a vinyl rip or a rip from the film. Surprisingly the quality is decent enough though and I was super happy to find it when I did a while back. Most of the original links are dead so I thought I'd repost it. I also included the two theme songs from the sequels, both by Jacky Cheung. Enjoy!

Thanks to Skobiddly for the request, sorry its late!!!

1. 倩女幽魂 [Leslie Cheung]
2. 楔子
3. 倩
4. 诱
5. 情
6. 黎明
7. 黎明不要來 [Sally Yeh]
8. 意
9. 法相
10. 晨
11. 迷
12. 醉
13. 思
14. 幻
15. 鬼宴
16. 阴界
17. 离
18. 黎明不要来 (Mandrin Version) [Sally Yeh]
人间道 - Jacky Cheung [A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (倩女幽魂II人間道)]
道道道 - Jacky Cheung [A Chinese Ghost Story 3 (倩女幽魂III 道道道)]

Friday, January 16, 2015


Fantastic Arrangement. Take a listen!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Takako Okamura Studio Discography 1985-1990

Happy New Year one and all! I can't believe I haven't posted since October. Time is fleeting right before my eyes! 

Well any who, I thought I'd do a bigger post to make up for lost time. Included are 6 studio albums from the wonderful Takako Okamura. While she was not as much in the limelight as other idols during the time, Okamura did see a good amount of success after her previous duo Amin disbanded and she continues to record to this day. I got these from mp3 site and while the files sound high quality, they were compressed to 128kbps. This may bother some of you but I was just excited to give the albums a listen! All of the albums are contained in file, so you'll only be on click away ;).

I plan to continue with all the other posting I started and requests here in the near future but with I won't make any promises haha! Enjoy!   

Takako Okamura Studio Discography 1985-1990

夢の樹 (1985)

1. 風は海から
2. 冷たい雨
3. 一人息子
4. 見返してやるんだわ
5. 雨の街
6. ピエロ
7. 煙草
8. 砕ける波に・・・
9. 夢の樹

〇岡村孝子/冷たい雨 by hotelsusiyosiannex

私の中の微風 (1986)

1. 見送るわ
2. 微風
3. 美辞麗句
4. 夏の日の午後
5. はぐれそうな天使
6. Baby,Baby
7. ラスト・シーン
8. ひとりごと
9. 今日も眠れない

岡村孝子 「ラストシーン」 by hitoyasuda

liberté (1987)

1. リベルテ
2. 迷路
3. 電車
4. ついてない
5. 五月の晴れた空
6. 秋の日の夕暮れ
7. 私はここにいる
8. 夢をあきらめないで
9. 月が泣いた夜

○岡村孝子/迷路 by hotelsusiyosiannex

SOLEIL (1988)

2. ドラマ
3. あなたと生きた季節
4. ソレイユ
5. クリスマスの夜
6. 輝き
7. 私の空
8. Believe
9. 白い夏

岡村孝子_Believe by pipi411

Eau Du Ciel (天の水) (1989)

1. 長い時間
2. 虹を追いかけて
3. オー・ド・シェル (天の水)
4. それぞれの明日
5. 愛を守りきれなくて
6. ジュ・テーム
7. 愛がほしい
8. リフレイン
9. 青い風

☆岡村孝子/青い風 by sayarinmokkuru2

Kiss 〜à côté de la mer〜 (1990)

1. 心の草原
2. 終わらない夏
3. Kiss
4. 満ち潮
5. 空の彼方まで
6. 青い日々
7. あの海へ今帰りたい
8. 天使たちの時
9. adieu