Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Chinese Ghost Story Soundtrack (倩女幽魂) [REPOST]

As I've posted several times before, I am a huge Hong Kong movie fan and "A Chinese Ghost Story" is definitely on my favorites list. While Tsui Hark's "Zu: The Warriors of the Magic Mountain" may be considered the original fantasy/sfx epic, I think A Chinese Ghost Story (produced by Hark as well) told a more cohesive story and really up'd the bar for the genre. Naturally the film was a great success and sparked a love affair with romantic ghost/fantasy films in Hong Kong. Many similar films were made, some good, most bad (including the first sequel to this movie, though it's grown on me) but none held up to the original. Well enough blabbing, if you are familiar with the film, you know it had some great music and OST songs, particularly from leading man Leslie Cheung. Hong Kong soundtracks are rare and hard to come to by and I'm pretty sure most were never released, so unfortunately this is either a vinyl rip or a rip from the film. Surprisingly the quality is decent enough though and I was super happy to find it when I did a while back. Most of the original links are dead so I thought I'd repost it. I also included the two theme songs from the sequels, both by Jacky Cheung. Enjoy!

Thanks to Skobiddly for the request, sorry its late!!!

1. 倩女幽魂 [Leslie Cheung]
2. 楔子
3. 倩
4. 诱
5. 情
6. 黎明
7. 黎明不要來 [Sally Yeh]
8. 意
9. 法相
10. 晨
11. 迷
12. 醉
13. 思
14. 幻
15. 鬼宴
16. 阴界
17. 离
18. 黎明不要来 (Mandrin Version) [Sally Yeh]
人间道 - Jacky Cheung [A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (倩女幽魂II人間道)]
道道道 - Jacky Cheung [A Chinese Ghost Story 3 (倩女幽魂III 道道道)]


killthebear said...

re up pls :) great blog!

Skobiddly said...

Hi Zach, can you re-upload your Chinese Ghost Story music? I'm a big fan of the series and have been looking EVERYWHERE for these! Thanks so much in advance. Great blog you've got here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Love that movie and the music - great to be able to listen to it properly.

Maniax4_80 said...

Thank you so much for the Soundtrack. I love that movie :D

Unknown said...

Thank you very very much for this Soundtrack man. Im really sad that there is no ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK to this movie but this is enough if there will be never a real release, but i think they could make it because they still have the masters of the movie, and they can take the Music original from the movie. But this made my day THANK you man.

Unknown said...

This is great. Any possibility of flac files?

Unknown said...

I've never seen the movie, but I stumbled upon this in soundtrack tags. It looks so beautiful and detailed. From the comments is an amazing movie. I shall see if I can find it. Thank you got the soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, i appreciate it!

Unknown said...

Great movie and music. Brings back memories. Looks like it’s from a laserdisc back in the days:).

rabid follower said...

This was a fan-made soundtrack album. An official album was never made.

estelliarmus said...

My friends and I watched this for our weekly movie club and I've been looking for the OST, everyone loved it. The link in the post is broken unfortunately, anyone knows of another way to get it? I know it's a post from 2015 but I'm trying my luck haha!

welcometoweaponworld said...

The link is working.

Unknown said...

A I can say is, TQ so much