Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Akina Nakamori: New Akina エトランゼ & ANNIVERSARY FROM NEW YORK AND NASSAU

At the request of a visitor from the site, I changed the primary download source to multiupload. There will be a megaupload link as well but megaupload has not been working properly for some time now. Also, now that my personal life has started to become a little more stable, I should be able to start posting more often again...thanks to those who still visit! Enjoy!

New Akina エトランゼ (1983)

1. さよならね
2. ヴィーナス誕生
3. 少しだけスキャンダル
4. 感傷紀行
5. ルネサンス-優しさで変えて-
6. モナムール(グラスに半分の黄昏)
7. ストライプ
8. わくらば色の風(ラブソング)
9. 時にはアンニュイ
10. 覚悟の秋


1. アサイラム
2. まぶしい二人で
4. 夢を見させて…
5. 北ウイング
6. 100°Cバカンス
7. 夏はざま
8. メランコリー・フェスタ
9. バレリーナ
10. シャット・アウト

Sunday, August 7, 2011

25 Years of Hong Kong Movie Themes Songs Collection + Extras & Hard-Boiled OST+Various John Woo Movie Scores [Link Updates]

I've been meaning to post these for a while but got pushed when I saw fen's A Better Tomorrow post. I found the 25HK compilation off a torrent and it has a lot of great tracks and some all time classics. However, I also complied some songs I had from various Hong Kong films. They vary in quality and I ripped and edit some but you can't find most easily. Also posted is the soundtrack to John Woo's classic Hard-Boiled. Awesome music from American composer Michael Gibb highlighted the atmosphere of the heroic bloodshed film, a genre that John Woo defined. Thanks to a youtube user SleazySanjuro, I also included score rips from both of Woo's The Killer and Bullet in the Head. Since neither saw a soundtrack release, the quality isn't the greatest but I am just happy to listen to them. There is a little for everybody and I hope everyone enjoys it! However, since megaupload is reworking their rewards system, I can't tell if anybody is downloading anyway!

25 Years of Hong Kong Movie Theme Songs Collection

Disc 1
長空 - Beyond (from Infernal Affairs II)
被遺忘的時光(國) - Tsai Chin (from Infernal Affairs)
相愛很難 - Jacky Cheung & Anita Mui (from July Rhapsody)
- Leslie Cheung (from He's a Woman, She's a Man)
問我 - Sammi Cheng (from Feel 100% ... Once More)
自作自受 - Hacken Lee (from Infernal Affaris III)
薰衣草 - Kelly Chen (from Lavender)
友情歲月 - Ekin Cheng (from Young and Dangerous)
男兒當自強 - George Lam (from Once Upon a Time in China)
猛龍特警隊 - Ronald Cheng (from Dragon Loaded)
我和春天有個約會 - Alice Lau (from I Have a Date in Spring)
忘了忘不了 - Cecilia Cheung (from Lost in Time)
暗湧 - Anthony Wong (from Hold You Tight)
甜蜜蜜(國) - Leon Lai (from Comrades, Almost a Love Story)
與龍共舞 - Cally Kwong (from Dances With the Dragon)
司機 - Shawn Yue (from Next Station...Tin Hau)

Disc 2
喝采 - Danny Chan (from Encore)
倩女幽魂 - Leslie Cheung (from A Chinese Ghost Story)
飛砂風中轉 - Chow Yun-Fat (from The Inside Story)
阿郎戀曲 - Sam Hui (from All About Ah-Long)
停不了的愛 - Jian Xin Peng & Anna Lei (from Lonely Fifteen)
黎明不要來 - Sally Yeh (from A Chinese Ghost Story)
天若有情 - Yuen Feng Ying (from A Moment of Romance)
幻影 - Alan Tam (from Esprit D'Amour)
一段情 - Kenny Bee & Jian Xin Ping (from Let's Make Laugh II)
滄海一聲笑 - Sam Hui (from Swordsman)
夜來香 - George Lam (from All the Wrong Clues)
大丈夫日記 - Chow Yun-Fat, Sally Yeh & Joey Wong (from Diary of a Big Man)
愛的逃兵 - Alan Tam (from Love Solider of Fortune)
晚風- Sally Yeh (from Shanghai Blues)
海上花(國) - Ni Zhen (from Immortal Story)
跟佢做個Friend - Sam Hui (from Aces Go Places II)

英雄故事 - Jackie Chan (from Police Story)
Happy Ghost Theme - Teresa Carpio (from Happy Ghost)
Mismatched Couple Opening - CHYNA (from Mismatched Couple)
Mian Shi Chi - Chen Xiao-yun (from A Better Tomorrow)
Midnight Rider - Alan Tam (from Armour of God)
激情 - Sandy Lam (from As Tears Go By)
喋血双雄 Opening - Sally Yeh (from The Killer)
喋血双雄 Ballad - Sally Yeh (from The Killer)
月亮代表我的心 - Teresa Teng (from Treasure Hunt)
縱橫四海 - Leslie Cheung (from Once A Thief)
Onion's Sax - Peter Kam Pau-Tat (from Fly Me to Polaris)
星語心願 - Cecilia Cheung (from Fly Me to Polaris)
給妳幸福 - Richie Ren (from Fly Me to Polaris)
無間道 (feat. Tony Leung) - Andy Lau (from Infernal Affairs)
- Andy Lau (from Shaolin)

Hard-Boiled OST (Michael Gibbs / James Wong Jim)

1. Hard-Boiled Overture
2. Tea House Bust
3. Red Car Boogie
4. Library Hit
5. Sad Kong
6. Wong-Kong
7. Wong Loses It
8. Gun Arsenal
9. Boatyard Battle
10. Yuen & Kong
11. Motorcade
12. Ko Knocked Out
13. Corridor Creeping
14. Cut Throat
15. Body Count
16. Shirley & The Babies
17. Hospital Inferno
18. Jazz Opening

Last Bullet - James Wong Jim & Romeo Diaz (from Bullet in the Head )

The Killer Bootleg Tracks - Lowell Lo & David Michael Frank
Opening Theme
The Killer 1
The Killer 2
The Killer 3
The Killer 4
The Killer 5
The Killer 6
The Killer 7
End Theme

Monday, August 1, 2011

Akina Nakamori: Prologue (序幕), Variation (変奏曲) & Fantasy (幻想曲)

Sorry for they delay...Enjoy!

Prologue (序幕)

1. あなたのポートレート
2. Bon Voyage
3. イマージュの翳(かげり)
4. 条件反射
5. Tシャツ・サンセット
6. 銀河伝説
7. スローモーション
8. A型メランコリー
9. ひとかけらのエメラルド
10. ダウンタウンすと~り~

Variation (変奏曲)

1. (イントロダクション)
2. キャンセル!
3. 脆(もろ)い午後
4. 哀愁魔術(マジック)
5. 咲きほこる花に…
6. ヨコハマA・KU・MA
7. メルヘン・ロケーション
8. 少女A
9. 第七感(セッティエーム・サンス)
10. X3(バイバイ)ララバイ
11. カタストロフィの雨傘
12. (エンディング)

Fantasy (幻想曲)

1. 明菜から…
2. 瑠璃色の夜へ
3. アバンチュール
4. にぎわいの季節へ
5. 傷だらけのラブ
6. 目をとじて小旅行(イクスカーション)
7. セカンド・ラブ
8. 思春期
9. Moreもっと恋して
10. アイツはジョーク