Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Akina Nakamori: フォーク・ソング~歌姫抒情歌~, ムード歌謡 〜歌姫昭和名曲集, フォーク・ソング2~歌姫抒情歌~ & DIVA

And so it ends. This is the final Akina posts, for now at least. I have been getting a great response from these and its been fun posting these over the last few months. This final post contains 4 albums, 3 of them covers and the last an original. Unfortunately, I was a little pressured for time and I was unable to compile together the originals of the cover albums. I will post that next when I get the chance, so I guess this wont be the last Akina post lol. Similar to the Enka album, the two フォーク・ソング albums maintain a "folk" theme featuring the works of famous singer songwriters in Japan. ムード歌謡 on the other hand, features Jazz/Big band renditions of popular Showa performance songs of the 60's & 70's. Finally, DIVA, Akina's last studio effort to date, is a heavily modern electronica/pop album that is comparable in sound to the like of J-Pop singers like Ayumi Hamasaki & Utada (but I think Akina is a much better singer!). Thanks again to the visitors of the page, I haven't decided what I will be posting next but hopefully it will be as popular as these have been. Enjoy!

フォーク・ソング~歌姫抒情歌~ (2008)

1. わたしは泣いています
2. 『いちご白書』をもう一度
3. 雨の物語
4. さよならをするために
5. 想い出まくら
6. 22才の別れ
7. 冬が來る前に
8. 無縁坂
9. 時には母のない子のように
10. 戀

ムード歌謡 〜歌姫昭和名曲集 (2009)

1. 氣氛歌謡 Opening (Instrumental)
2. 経験
3. 恋の季節
4. 夢は夜ひらく
5. 他人の関係
6. 面影
7. 雨の御堂筋
8. ラブユー東京
9 .絹の靴下
10. コモエスタ赤坂
11. 非情のライセンス
12. 伊勢佐木町ブルース
13. 氣氛歌謡 Ending (Instrumental)

フォーク・ソング2~歌姫抒情歌~ (2009)

2. 旅の宿
3. なごり雪
4. 心もよう
5. ベルベット・イースター
6. 精霊流し
7. 悪女
8. シクラメンのかほり
9. 神田川
10. 学生街の喫茶店

DIVA (2009)

Disc 1
1. Going home
4. thinking of you
6. 逢えなくて
7. X lady
9. with
10. 茜色の風

Disc 2
1. DIVA (Michitomo Remix)
2. HEARTACHE (Michitomo Remix)

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matsu-star said...

Hey! I'm Matthew, a suddenly big fan of Akina Nakamori ^_^ I seen where you have uploaded the Diva album a couple of times, but the links are now invalid. Is there anyway you can re-upload this album for me? I will be forever grateful!
Thank you so much!