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Akina Nakamori: ZERO album~歌姫II, Resonancia & Akina Nakamori ~歌姫 ダブル・ディケイド~

Sorry for the delay everyone. I have been busy over the last two months and my blog time has been limited. The 3 albums in this post are the first of Akina's in the 2000's. ZERO album~歌姫II is the second in her cover album series and like the first, I have included the instrumentals and original versions. Resonancia, is Akina's first full length LP of the 2000's and has a distinct Latin theme. The late 90's and early 2000's saw a strong emergence of Latin singers in popular music, so its not strange that other countries would capitalize on this as well. Personally, it feels a little out of place for her, but the production compliments her voice and style for the most part. The last of the three, is Akina Nakamori ~歌姫 ダブル・ディケイド~. Romanized, the title is Akina Nakamori~Uta Hime Double Decade (DD)~, celebrating the two decades of her career with new versions of 12 of her top hits. Each track tackles a different genre, giving the album a diverse feel. Moreover, I'll let everyone figure out the pun of titling the album DD and having a Jessica Rabbit version of Akina on the cover lol. Enjoy!

ZERO album~歌姫II (2002)

1. 歌姫2 Opening
2. 黄昏のビギン Naomi Chiaki (1962)
3. 桃色吐息 Mariko Takahashi (1984)
4. アデュー Mayo Shono (1979)
5. 別れの予感 Teresa Teng (1987)
6. シングル・アゲイン Mariya Takeuchi (1989)
7. 色彩のブルース EGO-WRAPPIN' (2000)
8. 秋桜 Momoe Yamaguchi (1977)
9. 異邦人 Saki Kubota (1979)
10. 乙女のワルツ Sakiko Ito (1975)
11. 瑠璃色の地球 Seiko Matsuda (1986)
12. 歌姫2 Ending

Resonancia (2002)

1. Carnaval
2. Eyes on you
3. Carmesi
4. The Heat (album version)
5. missed U
6. Resonancia (interlude)
7. 風と太陽
8. ibiza
9. Deseo
10. Lost words
11. Siesta (interlude)
12. It's brand new day (URU Latin mix)
13. Bonita terra
It's brand new day (Single)
1. It's brand new day
2. Stay in love
3. It's brand new day (instrumental)
4. Stay in love (instrumental)
The Heat ~musica fiesta~ (Single)
1. The Heat ~musica fiesta~
2. Siesta ~恋のままで~
3. The Heat ~musica fiesta~ (instrumental)
4. Siesta ~恋のままで~ (instrumental)

Akina Nakamori ~歌姫 ダブル・ディケイド~ (2002)

1. Double Decade Delivery #1 (instrumental)
2. TATTOO ~Big Band
3. ミ・アモーレ [Meu amore...] ~Salsa
4. TANGO NOIR ~Tango
5. 北ウイング ~Salsa
6. SAND BEIGE -砂漠へ- Full Orchestra
7. DESIRE -情熱- Ska
8. セカンド・ラブ ~Unplugged
9. 水に挿した花 ~Unplugged
10. 少女A ~Ska
11. 駅 ~Full Orchestra
12. 飾りじゃないのよ涙は ~Big Band
13. Double Decade Delivery #2 (instrumental)
14. スローモーション ~Bosanova

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