Saturday, November 26, 2011

Indie Game Music Bundle

I stumbled upon this awesome deal while checking for any updates from an indie game music duo called yogurtbox. I fell in love with their album "Tree of Knowledge" (a throwback to PC-98 music and the works of Ryu Umemoto) when it was released a few months ago and it is one of 10 albums from 10 artists offered on this bundle for only $1!!! If you are a fan of video game music and you'd like to hear some original independent artists work, I highly recommend checking this out! If you like what you hear, you can choose to pay $10 or more and get an additional 7 albums! You'll find a direct link to everything on, but don't wait too long because the deal ends on the 28th! The "Tree of Knowledge" alone is worth the money but there is plenty for everyone and it comes highly recommended!

Here is a stream of the "Tree of Knowledge" album but you can also listen to the entire albums on the artists pages also on the site.

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