Thursday, November 24, 2011

Scoobie Do: Beautiful Days

Merry Turkey Day! Hope everyone has been well. My day has been odd this year but ultimately I did have something to be thankful for! I thought I would post something today that a lot of visitors will enjoy. Scoobie Do is a Japanese Funk/Soul Rock group and no they aren't meddling kids that travel around in the Mystery Machine solving "ghostly" mysteries. Sorry I had to make the joke. Anyway, I discovered this group a few years ago through myspace (when it was useful) and songs from "Beautiful Days" is what I happened to hear. The group has a great vibe and definitely try it out if you are into upbeat "funky" rock. Enjoy!

Beautiful Days (2004)

1. 愛がゆく
2. ラストナンバー (Beautiful Dawn)
3. パレード
4. 名もない朝
5. Urban Souls
6. Beautiful Days
7. 美しい日
8. 無敵のバカ
9. 恋は魔法
10. 風の恋人~Sunset Saudade~
11. 夕陽の進むほう
12. 茜色が燃えるとき
13. また逢う日まで

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