Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Akina Nakamori: Destination, バラード・ベスト~25th ANNIVERSARY SELECTION~, 艶華~Enka~

I promised myself that I would finish the Akina posts by the end of this month and this is the second to last! First up is Destination, a solid pop album that sounds like a mix between her previous two albums. While most of the songs are upbeat, some have the down tempo feel of "I hope so". However, all are prominently defined by drum tracks with a strong modern pop/hip hop feel, so I would group this with resonancia. The second album is a Ballad Best of with a collection of mainly re-recordings and one new track. I also included the new tracks from the Utahime Best of released in '07 as well and a few tracks from the Akina Pachinko Game CD. I choose to post the full Ballad Best album out of the three, only because it contained the most new tracks. Finally, and its my favorite of the bunch, is another cover album but this time it is strictly of Enka artists. It maintains the orchestral grandiose of the Uta Hime series but I feel the song selections on this album fit the mood more so then some of the Uta Hime tracks. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the cover albums, but the productions compliment the Enka genre perfectly and complete transform the songs into sweeping epics! Just like the last 3, I included all of the originals in the post. I hope everybody has been enjoying these, I know I have!

Destination (2006)

1. 紅夜-beniyo-
2. 嘘つき
3. Seashore
4. 眠れる森の蝶
5. 鼓動
6. GAME (Album Version)
7. 夜の華
8. 花よ踊れ (Album Version)
10. 落花流水 (Album Version)
11. Only you
12. Grace Rain
BONUS from 花よ踊れ (single)
1. 花よ踊れ
3. 花よ踊れ (Instrumental)
4. GAME (Instrumental)

バラード・ベスト~25th ANNIVERSARY SELECTION~ (2007)

1. 難破船 (2007 Ver.)
2. セカンド・ラブ (from Akina Nakamori ~歌姫 ダブル・ディケイド~)
3. あの夏の日
4. LIAR (from True Album Akina 95 best)
5. 水に挿した花 (from Akina Nakamori ~歌姫 ダブル・ディケイド~)
6. 陽炎 (Single Ver.)
7. 赤い花
8. SAND BEIGE~砂漠へ~ (from Akina Nakamori ~歌姫 ダブル・ディケイド~)
9. SOLITUDE (2007 Ver.)
10. 二人静 (from True Album Akina 95 best)
11. 月華
12. 予感 (from True Album Akina 95 best)
13. 初めて出逢った日のように
14. 駅 (from Akina Nakamori ~歌姫 ダブル・ディケイド~)
15. 帰省~Never Forget~ (2007 Ver.)
from 歌姫ベスト~25th Anniversary Selection~
リバーサイドホテル (LIVE ver.)
チャイナタウン (New Recording)
いい日旅立ち (New Recording)
from AKINA X DAIICHI~中森明菜歌姫伝説
歌姫伝説~mode medley

艶華~Enka~ (2007)

天城越え Sayuri Ishikawa (1986)
無言坂 Kaori Kouzai (1993)
氷雨 Mika Hino (1982)
みちづれ Mieko Makimura (1978)
空港 Teresa Teng (1974)
越冬つばめ Masako Mori (1983)
悲しい酒 Hibari Misora (1966)
舟唄 Aki Yashiro (1979)
石狩挽歌 Mirei Kitahara (1975)
矢切の渡し Takashi Hosokawa (1983)
夜桜お七 Fuyumi Sakamoto (1994)
氷雨 Akio Kayama (1983)
空港 Sayuri Ishikawa (1975)

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