Thursday, November 3, 2011

Akina Nakamori: Regeneration ~Nakamori Akina Remix~, Regeneration ~Nakamori Akina Remix II~ & will

Regeneration ~Nakamori Akina Remix~ (1998)

1. 最後のカルメン
2. 少女A
3. ミ・アモーレ[Meu amor e...]
6. 難破船
7. ジプシー・クイーン
8. 北ウイング
9. MEGAMIX: 少女A/十戒(1984)/DESIRE~情熱/飾りりじゃないのよ涙は/TATTOO
10. MEGAMIX2: 少女A/十戒(1984)/飾りじゃないのよ涙は

Regeneration ~Nakamori Akina Remix II~ (1998)

1. 二人静「天河伝説殺人事件」より
3. Fin
6. Blue On Pink
7. さよならじゃ終わらない
8. 水に挿した花
9. BALLAD-MEGAMIX : セカンド・ラブ / アルマージ / ジプシー・クイーン / LIAR / 忘れて
10. MEGAMIX 2: ミ・アモーレ / 難破船 / 人静「天河伝説殺人事件」より / 駅

will (1999)

1. tobira 〜OVERTURE-
2. garnet
3. Trust Me 〜all'espanola
4. Pretend
5. 嵐の中で 〜misterioso "A"
6. 幻惑 〜amabile "A"
7. 帰省 〜Never Forget〜 Taste "A" Version
8. こんなにも…
9. 月の微笑 〜Acoustic Version
10. will
11. とまどい
12. オフェリア
13. Trust Me
BONUS from とまどい [SINGLE], Ophelia (SINGLE), Wizardry ~DIMGUIL~ Original Soundtrack & Trust Me [SINGLE]
Good-Bye My Tears
とまどい (Instrumental)
Ophelia (Instrumental)
月の微笑 (Orchestra Version)
月の微笑 (Original Karaoke)
雪の花~White X’mas~(Chamber music version)
Trust Me (voiceless version)
雪の花~White X’mas~(voiceless version)


fenikon said...

What a Cool Remix album....
so good remix of the "Shojo A" and "Meu Amore"~~!! I love this~~!!

Thank you Zach~!! for your hard work...
and all Nakamori albums~~!!

xザクx said...

Thanks so much for the comment FEN...I am glad you like it!, its my pleasure to post! I have a few more posts of hers to go as well, so I hope there will be more you enjoy!

Unknown said...

Thanks for uploading the two remix albums of Akina. I am a big big Akina fan living in Hong Kong, and owe almost all Akina albums. However there are bound to be a few that a fan may miss. To me, what I have been missing are the remix albums and now even you can afford to pay, you can hardly find these albums on the market save for the second hand ones. I am really grateful for your uploading these albums. But for some unknown reasons, I can only successfully unzip three songs in the Remix I using winrar. Would you be able to offer me advice on how to overcome the problem? Besides, would you consider posting 320k version for these albums? Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

Similar problems for the zip files of Remix II and will. Only a few songs were successfully unzipped. Please help. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Finally, I am able to solve the problem. It's probably due to the language of the files and I used a program that supports multi-language and successfully unzipped all the files. Thanks a lot for bringing us Akina's songs.

fenikon said...

BIG ULTRA SUPER MEGA HYPER OMEGA Welcome, my friend Zach~~!!!