Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Better Tomorrow Soundtrack

About halfway through getting this on the blog, I noticed that this was already on Fenikon's blog. Good news is that this post is slightly different, in that it includes the songs featured in the film such as "Birdy's Flight" by Peter Gabriel (from another film, "Birdy", which I might post sometime) and the infamous "Mian Shi Chi" by Chen Xiao-Yun. You may know this as the "hallway scene song" played when Mark, Chow Yun-Fat, is strategically hiding guns in a restaurant hallway before he takes out the group responsible for setting up Ho. I hear it is still a really popular karaoke song in Hong Kong. There is also a Roman Tam track and I believe a few extra BGM tracks. ENJOY and if you like what you hear, go to Fenkion's page for some extra goodies and the BGM of the sequel!
A Better Tomorrow (1986) composed by Joseph Koo

1. Opening Titles / Main Theme
2. Ho's Theme
3. Fatherly Advice / Trip to Taiwan
4. Doing Time / 3 Years Later
5. A New Leaf / Mark and Ho's Reunion
6. ''Conspiracy''
7. 機許風雨 by Roman Tam
8. ''Hong Kong at Night''
9. ''Killer's Theme''
10. Birdy's Flight by Peter Gabriel
11. ''Mark's Theme''
12. Mian Shi Chi by Chen Xiao-yun
13. ''Tomorrow Will Be Better'' (f. Luó Dàyòu) [Instrumental]
14. ''Main Theme (Reprise)''
15. ''A Better Tomorrow Theme Song'' [Instrumental]
16. ''Mark's Theme (Reprise)''
17. 當年情 by Leslie Cheung

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Max said...

This is really classic movie!
but the ost linked is dead.
Could you reshare again? thanks.
btw , my name is named after this movie~