Friday, May 6, 2011

DJ Soulscape: More Sound of Seoul

This is a fantastic mesh up album by one of Korea's top underground DJs. DJ Soulscape has been on the forefront of bringing rare Korean 70's Jazz, Funk & Soul music to the Korean music scene. During the 70's due to US military presence, "popular music" was introduced and a wave of Korean musicians began an underground scene celebrating what they heard, while adding a distinct Korean twist. However, Korea's government officials in the 70's, were not the biggest fans of this craze and banned most of the music. This revival has given the youth of Korea an introduction to an array of music that was never supposed to be heard again. Very awesome album and I urge everyone to try it out. Unfortunately because the tracks are not in any US internet database or on any website, I do not have them, but the music speaks for itself.

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Francisco Martinez said...

Hi! Any Chance for a Re-up? Thanks in advance.