Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks to JJ!!!

I really appreciate the mentioning of this blog from JJ's page earlier today. I am new to this blog thing and was previously just an avid downloader. My response has been pretty positive so far and I hope it continues! As an incentive to the followers of the JJ's page and those who stumble upon this blog, I have put together and little random group of songs that I had ripped from videos found on the internet. They are all from live videos and of some of my favorite Japanese Jazz Fusion artists. It is nothing too special but I hope everyone enjoys!!!

The songs are in no specific order but here is a list:

1. News Station Theme by Toshiyuki Honda
2. Now or Never by Yoshihiro Naruse feat. Tak Matsumoto
3. The Woman from Marusa by Toshiyuki Honda Radio Club
4. BAGUS by Toshiyuki Honda Radio Club
5. HELLO HELLO by Toshiyuki Honda Radio Club
6. HOT CORNER by Katsumi Horii Project
7. THROUGH THE SKY by Katsumi Horii Project
8. SPAIN (Chick Corea Cover) by Toshiyuki Honda, Akira Jimbo, Tetsuo Sakurai & Ken Shima

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