Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marina Watanabe: EVERGREEN

Fun album from #36 on the Onyanko Club roster! Contains my favorite track of hers "マリーナの夏". I do find it funny when some artists and the writers insist on putting the artist name in a song title, but it's good so i'm not going to hate on it. Enjoy! Also, if you like what you hear there is more of her stuff on OLDIES BUT GOODIES as well!


1. 虹のマジック
2. バスルームでDIARY
3. 夏休みだけのサイドシート
4. バラードを聞きながら
5. マリーナの夏
7. 鏡の国の I Love You
8. 次のページを開いて
9. 秋服のボートに乗れば
10. 恋の日付変更線

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