Friday, May 6, 2011

SNATCHER: Re-Arranged Studio Albums

If you don't know Snatcher, its a very successful Japanese Konami Video Game that has been remade for 6 systems in Japan and for the Sega CD in the States and Europe. You might be familiar with its creator and head game designer, Hideo Kojima, who is responsible for the Metal Gear series. Despite its success, the most attractive feature of the game for me was the music and due to its popularity several midi and arranged studio albums were made. The two albums included are my favorites and contain some fantastic playing from studio musicians Kazuo Hashi, Yuzou Hayashi and Naoto Shibata. Highly recommended!

Kazuo Hashi & Yuzou Hayashi: The Cyber Punk Adventure Snatcher -Zoom Tracks- (1992)

2. One Night in NEO KOBE CITY
3. Twilight of NEO KOBE CITY
4. Theme of SNATCHER(PART1)
5. Theme of SNATCHER(PART2)
6. Theme of JAIME
7. Preasure of Tention
8. Faded Memories
9. Eternal Promise(Good-bye RANDAM)
10. Beyond Sorrows
11. Tears stained Eyes

Naoto Shibata Project: Perfect Selection Snatcher Battle (1995)

1. Difficult Move
2. Theme of Izabel (Part 1)
4. Blow Up Tricycle
5. Theme of Junker
6. Twilight of Neo Kobe City
7. Coda
8. Resistance
9. In Danger
10. Theme of Snatcher

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