Friday, June 17, 2011

Akiko Yano: ただいま & GRANOLA

ただい (1981) [NEW LINK]

1. ただいま
2. いつか王子様が
3. VET
4. Ashkenazy Who?
5. いらないもん
6. たいようのおなら~おとうさん~おとうさん~ぼくがおとなになったら~せんせい~おかあさんのおひげ~もし一億円あったら~いぬ~ぼくはなきみそ
7. アイ・シング
8. 春咲小紅
9. ローズ・ガーデン


1. わたしたち
2. 風をあつめて
3. やがて1人
4. Un Jour
5. 無風状態
6. 花のように
7. ふりむけばカエル
8. Levee Break
9. Ro[:]slein auf der Heiden
10. 自転車でおいで
11. おおきいあい


Hedorian said...

Oh my god, your blog is amazing. I've discovered so many great albums thanks to it! I especially like how you write small descriptions and opinions on the artists and albums, it makes the discoveries feel much warmer!

I was writing just to ask about the last track on the album "Tadaima"! It's a fantastic album, but the 9th track "rose garden" seems to be missing. Could there be any chance of you uploading that individual song? :) If not I understand!

Thank you!

Unknown said...

The link for "ただいま" opens a blank page. Could you fix that? :P

Thank you again for this blog and sorry for asking for so many fixes xD. I thought it would be better to check all the links at once and then point out the ones that aren't working anymore so you can fix them at once, too. That is, if you can actually fix them.

Mike Ersing said...

Still missing Tadaima!!

Mike Ersing said...

Not Tadaima, ROSE GARDEN! that Great last track, O, Such beauty, Where is it??