Friday, June 10, 2011

Akiko Yano: ごはんができたよ

Akiko Yano is one of those artist who is impossible to categorize. Yano's sound varies so much and so often but its always tied together by her most prominent feature, her unique nasal voice. It was a little strange to me at first but I eventually found that her musical sensibilities were complimented by her unique voice and that makes her like no one else. Yano is also know for being the former wife of another musical legend, Ryuichi Sakamoto. I believe Yano played keyboard for YMO at times while she was first starting her solo career and the two were drawn together because of their musical compatibility. Unfortunately the marriage didn't last but they did compose many songs together. In fact TONG POO which some of you might recognize from YMO first album is also featured on this album in a different variation. Here is a video of the two working together.

This album comes highly recommended and if you enjoy it, i'll be posting a few more of her immense collection over time.

1. ひとつだけ
2. ぼんぼんぼん
3. カラード・ウォーター
4. 在広東少年
5. ハイ・タイム
8. 青い山脈
9. げんこつやまのおにぎりさま
10. ごきげんわにさん
11. また会おね
12. てはつたえる→てつだえる
13. ごはんができたよ
14. ユア・ザ・ワン

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