Friday, June 10, 2011

Sista: 4 All The Sistas Around Da World

Sista is the little know start of Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott career. A sweet blend of early 90's hip hop, R&B and rap. Highly recommend for fans of 90's hip hop. Enjoy!

4 All The Sistas Around Da World (1995)

1. Intro Talk

2. Hip Hop

3. Slow Down


5. Sweat You Down

6. DeVante At The Pay Phone

7. Find My Love

8. I Wanna Know

9. Hit U Up

10. 125th Street

11. Big Shann & Timbaland At The Train Stop (feat. Timbaland)

12. Don't Mind

13. Secret Admirer

14. Sista Bounce

15. Swing Thing

16. Brand New

17. I Wanna Be With U

18. Good Thing

19. Feel Of Your Lips (feat. Virginia, Mary J. Blige & K-Ci)

20. Sista Mack

21. Brand New (Mr. Dalvins Ferran Mix)


o'nate said...

I've been searching everywhere for this album! Is there any way you can share it again? or send me? The download link is no longer working. Thank you!!

xザクx said...

REposted for ya! Enjoy!

o'nate said...

Much appreciated & can't wait to open it!
Thank you so much for sharing it again :)