Thursday, June 9, 2011

spangle call lilli line: Nanae

spangle call lilli line is a three piece indie japanese group that formed in 1998. Nanae is their second release and highlights vocalist Kana Otsubo's smooth, breathy voice and the groups minimalistic approach on pop rock. Definitely recommended if anyone wants to try something a little different then what I usually offer on the site. Enjoy!

Nanae (2002)

1. Intro
2. E
3. Lilli Disco
4. Veek
5. Circle
6. Crawl
7. Set Me
8. Low Light
9. B.P.
10. Asphalt


max said...

Hi, Thanks you so much for taking your time uploading this wonderful collection of yours. Do you have any Onishi Yuka or Izumi Kato stuff? Again, thanks you for sharing!

xザクx said...

Hey max! Thanks so much for the support. Unfortunately, I don't have any Izumi Kato albums and the three Onishi Yuka albums I have can be found here at but keep requesting and visiting! It makes it all the more fun!

max said...

Yeah, I found out first about Onishi Yuka in Oldies But Goodies so i already downloaded the three album but can't find much since. Thanks you for the help and the very fast reply!