Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toshiyuki Honda: 茄子 アンダルシアの夏

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I came upon this by accident while looking through torrents. This is a Honda composed soundtrack for the 2003 anime feature "茄子 アンダルシアの夏". I unfortunately have never seen the film, but it is directed by prolific animator Kitarō Kōsaka who has worked on nearly every Studio Ghibli feature, Akira, Angel's Egg and two of my favorite anime/manga series, Naoki Urasawa's Monster and Master Keaton.

The film takes place in Spain, following a cyclist who is competing in the Vuelta a España. The music follows suit with a majority of the album having high energy tracks with a strong latin flare. Have no fear fans of Honda's however, for there are several tracks highlighting his fabulous saxophone playing as well. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

茄子 アンダルシアの夏 (2003)

1. Road - Opening Title
2. Bar de Hernandez
3. Memory
4. Fiesta
5. Paella
6. Road - Additional Saxophones Version
7. Sweat
8. Big Horn
9. Memory - Saxophones Version
10. Venga Pepe
11. Honor
12. Victory
13. Campo(エルナンデス)
14. Summer in Andalusia
15. Venga Pepe - Saxophones Version
16. End of Summer
17. 自転車ショー歌(忌野清志郎)

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