Thursday, June 2, 2011

Upcoming Posts

I have been preoccupied with many things over the last few weeks and it has prevented me from consistently posting on the page. I have been getting a great response over the last month and hope it continues to grow. I am glad that there are many out their who share the same love I have for the music I post. Anywho, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get back on a schedule and I just wanted to announce some future plans I have:

1. ANZEN CHITAI (Discography) + KOJI TAMKI (Partial Discography)
2. Akina Nakamori (Discography)
3. SING LIKE TALKING (8 albums)
4. Toshinobu Kubota (BONGA WONGA + Such a Funky Thang!)
5. Akiko Yano (6 albums)
6. Naoto Kawai (Jewel Box 1+2)
7. K-pop + K-hip hop artist

plus many more. I am uncertain how or when I will do the postings but there will always probably be a random album or two also thrown in the mix. Hope those are of any interest to anyone and watch out!

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fenikon said...

It always very interesting to me to check your postings~~!!^__^!!

Thank you for your hard work~~!!