Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kosuke Atari: 絆歌

A fantastic Japanese folk/Okinawan singer-song writer who I became familiar with because of the anime 夏目友人帳, gotta love those Yokai...I still need to watch season 2! Anyway, the ending theme for the first season was "夏夕空" which is on this album and my favorite track of his! Enjoy!

絆歌 (2008)

1. 絆
2. 春
3. 風よ (feat. 宝美)
4. 夜明け前
5. 種をまく日々
6. 夏夕空
7. ラララ
8. この窓の向こう
9. 夜想曲~nocturne (album version)
10. 手紙
11. ありがとうという名の少年
12. 路の途中
13. あいのうた

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